3 Chilling Signs You've Met Someone You Knew In A Previous Life

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signs you've met someone from a past life

Some people believe that our souls have lived for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. You may have heard that this is called having a past life, and that when you die, your soul is reborn into another person. 

Though it may seem pretty far-fetched and like something that only could happen in a science fiction movie, there have actually been many instances where people have recalled memories from their previous lives.

And sometimes, that can even come in the form of a bond with another person - one who you've seemingly never even met before. Or have you? 

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Here are the three huge signs that you've met someone you knew in a past life.

1. You feel immediately connected or immediately repulsed by them.

When we think about people from our previous lives, we often think about our friends and our relatives, and maybe even the people who we loved and had a relationship with. Often times, when you've encountered someone from a previous life, you will be able to feel this immediate connection.

But what about someone from a past life that you didn't like at all? Will you be able to somehow recognize them, too? The answer is yes.

You can sometimes even feel an immediate repulsion from them. In either case, it's a major sign that you knew them before.

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2. Your connection seems telepathic.

Yes, the thought of telepathy actually being real may seem pretty cool. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that you're really mentally sending messages to one another. It's more like their ears burn when you're talking about them.

You might be thinking of them and then a moment later, you will get a text from them, or you may be able to sense what they're about to say. It's a connection that's hard to explain and is even harder to disconnect.

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3. You can see it in their eyes.

The saying that the eyes are the window to the soul has never been more true. Have you ever gazed into someone eyes and been absolutely stunned? Have you felt as though you've gazed into those eyes already a million times before?

If their eyes seem familiar to you, it may be because you've already seen them before, but just in a past life.

If it happens to you that way, then pay very close attention. Some people believe that the eyes don't change from birth to birth, allowing us to recognize our spiritual companions from previous lives.

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