What Synchronicities Mean (And No, They're Not Just Coincidences)

Make the law of attraction work for you.

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What is synchronicity? Understanding this concept means learning about the law of attraction first.

The law of attraction is the simple belief that what you put out into the world, you will attract back into your life. But attraction is a powerful force that works in more than one way.

The secret to the law of attraction may lie in something known simply as "synchronicity."

What are synchronicities?

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung first introduced the concept of synchronicity in the 1920s, defining it as “uncanny coincidences or an unlikely occurrence of parallel events.”


But science has since discovered that there are no coincidences. At least, not in the traditionally random sense in which we often think about them.

Synchronicities occur when vibrational energies are in alignment, meaning they are in sync.

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We live in a constantly moving sea of energy. Every seemingly material object is made of energy. Thoughts are energy. Emotions are energy. Desires are energy.

And as you know, energy can never be created nor destroyed. It only changes form.

Imagine then, this constantly swirling, ever-alive sea of energy that contains every thought that’s ever been offered. Every desire or intention ever set into motion is like an individual wave in this diverse and powerful sea.

And every particle of this energy is vibrating at its own rate of frequency, which is what makes the law of attraction that much more possible in your life.

So, what determines the direction of the current in this vast ocean of thought? How do some waves get drawn together to into more and more momentous bodies of water? What causes some to collide?


What you know as "synchronicity" is nothing more than a natural and predictable byproduct of the all-powerful law of attraction.

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If you drop a water balloon from a rooftop, you never have to guess if it will fall down or up. Why? Because you understand the immutable law of gravity.

Likewise, when you understand the law of attraction, you’ll never again be surprised by synchronicity. Instead, you’ll realize that just as surely as gravity causes objects to fall down, the law of attraction draws like energies together.


So, when a billboard catches your eye and provides a clue to a problem you’ve been contemplating, that's synchronicity. You attracted the answer you were looking for.

The friend who calls or texts you within hours of you thinking about him? Synchronicity.

Even something as mundane as hitting every green light on your commute to work is synchronicity. It’s cosmic clockwork, and the entire universe operates according to this law.

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How exactly does synchronicity work?

It’s the same process that underlies and orchestrates every act of creation.

The vibration of your desire draws to itself all vibrations that are cooperative with its fulfillment, which means that what you desire, you are also subconsciously attracting to yourself.


What you ask for, you're meant to realize fully. And when the vibration you’re offering is in harmony with the outcome you’re seeking, you and your desired result are destined to collide, thanks to the law of attraction and the synchronicity of events all around you.

Your only role in this seamless equation is not to oppose the energy of your own desire. Your job is to talk yourself into what you want, rather than offer thoughts, expectations, or beliefs that contradict it.

Your contradicted energy is what blocks the easy recognition of the ideas, answers, and opportunities that you’re looking for. These vibrations are always being offered to you, but you’re not in a frequency that enables you to perceive them.

Like a radio dial that’s tuned to a different channel, the music is playing, but you can’t hear it because your receiver is out of range.


And yet, even when you’re tuned to a negative mindset, this is also a manifestation of synchronicity, AKA the law of attraction.

There are those days when it seems like one thing goes wrong after another. Your timing is off. You hit every red light. The ideas for your new project come to a grinding halt.

These are also synchronistic events. The universe is providing you a perfect reflection of your internal resistance.

This limitless sea of energy that creates and sustains all things does not discriminate. It simply brings to you people, events, and experiences that harmonize with the energy you're sending out.

When the energy of your thoughts, moods and expectations resonate with your desire, the current delivers it to you. It’s as simple as that.


The key to recognizing synchronicity is simply to accept that everything is!

We live in a participatory universe that is always listening and responding. The outer world and everything in it is a mirror of your internal state of being. This means if you don’t like what’s happening “out there,” you hold the power to change it.

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Examples of Synchronicities

1. Seeing repeating numbers.

Angel numbers are repeating numbers sent as messages from the universe. You may see these numbers constantly in places like the time, in phone numbers, or on license plates.


Each number has a different meaning, so take notice of the specific numbers you're seeing.

2. Thinking about something before it happens in real life.

If you've ever thought of someone randomly only to end up seeing them in person or receiving a text or phone call from them later that day, that's an example of synchronicity.

3. Hearing a song that's relevant to what you're thinking.

Whether it's lyrics that help you solve a problem you've been having in your life or a song that reminds you of someone you've been thinking about, music can also be an example of synchronicity.

4. Dreaming about something specific that you then see repeatedly in your waking life.


Whether it's an animal or a particular symbol, when things pop up repeatedly in your life, it's like the universe trying to send you a sign.

Once you’ve begun recognizing the synchronistic events that are unfolding all around you, you can begin creating them on purpose. Here’s how:

1. Pay attention to the way life is responding to you.

Are doors opening? Do the results you want come easily? Are the people and events you encounter pleasing, or do you seem to meet with resistance everywhere you go? Take the case that these are not random.


They are not coincidences. The results you realize in every moment is the universe’s response to your energy.

2. Decide ahead of time what quality of energy you want to offer.

Once you understand that the universe is always listening — not to your words but to your frequency — you can begin to offer it on purpose.

3. Tune your frequency.

A great way to tune your frequency is to consciously take stock of all you appreciate and everything that is going well in your life. Bring forth an intention to see whatever situation you’re heading into from the highest possible perspective.

Every new segment of your day is a new opportunity to line up with positive synchronicities. On your way into work, set an intention and align your thoughts and moods with it. Do the same before a big meeting or before a big date.


Remember, you're an energy transmitting and receiving device; your experience of life is determined by how and where you set your focus.

Deliberately choose your own perspective and watch what unfolds around you.

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Christy Whitman is an energy healer, celebrity coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of 'The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance.' Visit her website for more.