Psychic Shares Month-By-Month Predictions For 2024 — 'An Expansive Mindset Shift Is Already Happening'

Powerful monthly energetic highlights for 2024 and how they might affect you.

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We are in the final weeks and days of 2023. Everyday offers an opportunity to evaluate your life, dreams, and overall happiness.

My recommendation as a psychic medium is that we all allow the end of your personal 2023 to welcome pause and reflection. This will help you connect with these predictions for powerful monthly energetic highlights to come in 2024 and how they might affect you.

All lessons, karma and experiences will be greeted and experienced by each of us differently; as we all have different perceptions and understanding of life and the Universe at large.


Below are suggestions for how to move through the potential lessons or energy with ease and grace.

The key component here is to remember your neighbor, and you will be exposed to the same umbrella of energy and can have completely different experiences. Know that each of us has the power to move through life with less distractions and more peace.

A Psychic's Predictions for 2024

Collectively, humanity is evolving into a compassionate, peaceful, and loving species. This occurs as individuals raise their vibration and view the world with compassion. This is an expansive mindset shift, and it is already happening.


This shift is a collective karmic experience, but we will each choose to respond differently.



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During 2024 we will begin to see a greater divide of how people are choosing to view the world.

If you are someone who watches the news and monitors the outside world, it might be alarming. If you are someone who is lovingly aware of your thoughts and experiences, the shift towards peace and compassion will not be slow!


Your personal high vibrational transformation can happen much faster than our collective.

Another fun tidbit: as your energy shifts, you might not even recognize it. Your thoughts and life will transform in a way that allows you to see the world differently, free of judgment. You will see them in their highest form. This will bring more ease and grace into your life.

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The Overall Theme of 2024

The overall theme for 2024 is similar to the World card in the Tarot deck.

This will bring completion of life lessons and karmic debt for many of us.

Completion always offers the opportunity for change, but I encourage you to pause before you jump into your next life story.

Notice your strengths and how you use them to overcome challenges. Along the way, you may also need to grieve. For some of us, there have been and will be, big lessons being completed.

There is a lot of energy around partnerships this year.

This can be bringing people together as well as dismantling partnerships. It is also critical to recognize partnerships are not just with people; they are woven into all areas of your life. This year, focus on the relationship with yourself and the Universe.


If you follow your heart and practice intentional thinking, your life transforms. Exploring your closest partnerships is a great place to see where things have the most potential for change.

2024 is also about perfecting the ability to let go of the past.

We will also learn to move through our experiences and live in the moment. We will have lessons that teach us how to flow through our day. Ease of life will allow abundance and love to move freely through your mind, body, and soul.

Some people may feel like they have been living on a hamster wheel, repeating the same lesson. It is time to step out of any painful life story you have created in your mind. You are free to choose again.

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The Energetic Nature of 2024

Energetically, 2024 feels like a very physical year.

This reminds me of breakthroughs in what the human body can do. This will be seen in sports and science. It feels like there is a powerful energy for us to tap into for healing and raw physical strength, but it also requires us to let go of our idea of suffering. We will see tests on what the human body can endure and incredible breakthroughs.

2024 is an opportunity for growth and discovering new things.

I love this for people who can think outside the box and find themselves in places with people they never could have imagined. Enjoy this beautiful feeling of vulnerability, inspiration, love, and excitement for all that life offers.

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Month-by-Month Psychic Predictions for 2024

January: energy for new beginnings

Look at where you would like to see changes in your life. There is a potential for spiritual growth. It is also a time to notice your tools and strengths, including your intuitive abilities. Arch Angel Michael will be guiding us through this month. Ask him to help remove what holds you back from your highest vibrational life.

February: encouragement to remember our support team, decide and commit to it

Have integrity in your partnerships and see yourself on the winning side of any conflicts.

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March: focus on partnerships

Are your thoughts and actions based on the reality of the past or something other than now? Do not be surprised when you answer a call to have a more complete understanding of everything. New people can come into your life to help you learn more about yourself.

April: turning inward (especially if you have been feeling stagnate)

You can also expect some victories and celebrations.

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May: beautiful energy of revaluations, cosmic consciousness, and that wonderful feeling of completeness

You might have a breakthrough as one of your karmic lessons ends. This is good stuff, even if initially disguised as a challenge. There will be a focus on self-sufficiency and abundance.


June: focus on legal structures such as marriage, contracts, and other societal obligations and structures

This is a month to recognize the wisdom gained from past experiences. You may also find yourself around some very fast-speaking thinking people and trust your gut when deciding whom you want to align with.



July: endings and the relief of being able to let something go

After you create space, it will be easier to feel the pull of your life purpose. You will be supported as you let go of distractions in your life and begin to have intentional thinking.

August: reminder that we have free will to make choices

Trust your heart, intuition, and the support of your spiritual team. Sometimes, our choices carry a little sadness for what has run its course. This month offers another opportunity for emotional and spiritual expansion.


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September: blessings of good luck in the areas where we seek new developments

This can be career changes and any other partnerships. There is joy and celebrations, but ample time to turn inward and check in with the part of you that is not shared with the outside world. New spiritual seeds are being planted in your awareness.

October: reminder us to trust the process

We are all beginning to see the distinct path of living a high-vibrational life. This month helps us see the changes we need to make. For some of us, this is a tiny blip on the radar. For others, it will carry a significant lesson of letting go and choosing differently. I love this month for the feeling of freedom and harmony being offered.

November: support for success in life

Expect to see progress because some of your desires will be fulfilled. This can be very exciting and even telling for what 2025 holds for you! Make a plan for what you want out of life. Partnerships are highlighted this month.


December: everything shifts

You will need to choose high-vibrational thoughts and actions. Things that are not meant for you are removed from your path. There can be a shift in your perspective and the need for patience as everything settles. This month is the culmination of a big year. Think of it as the energy of a Saturn return. You choose again and create a beautiful, peaceful, loving life. Saturn's return energy will be easier for some than others.



2024 is a Year for Expansion

I am excited about the experiences in 2024. There is so much potential for expansion in all areas of our life and spirituality. Imagine that Earth is moving through a portal that helps us see our potential as a human, our collective, and beyond.

Of course, this means we will have even more experiences with other life forms and realities. Buckle up and enjoy!!


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Polly Wirum is a spiritual coach and psychic. She teaches clients how to discover their truth through psychic readings, astrological readings, and intuitive life coaching. She offers guided meditation and, in some cases, guided exploration of past lives.