5 Ways To Connect With Your Own Team Of Spiritual Guides & Angels

Your team is right where you need them to be. Do you know how to find them?

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Have you ever wondered if you have guides and angels watching over you? Are you receiving the messages they send you, or is their sweet guidance floating over your awareness? Maybe you have drifted far from where you best connect with your team.

If you are ready for a deeper connection with your spiritual team, keep reading and discover five easy ways to interact with the universe, your guides, and your angelic team.


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Here are five ways to connect with your personal spiritual team

1. Prioritize connecting with your spiritual team

Just like every other relationship, it takes attention and energy to keep the channels of communication open between you and your team.


2. Call them into your life

Just like carrots attract bunnies, have something high-vibrational and sweet for your team. Your team responds when you are joyful. Prayer, meditation, and exploring your spirituality are great ways to grab your team’s attention.

3. Be grateful for them

Gratitude is a great way to receive the messages of your angels and guides. Your heart is open in moments of gratitude and new channels of communication are created.

4. Have faith and trust that you have a team 

Be open to how they communicate with you. If you expect to have the messages only show up in your dreams, you may miss all the rainbows made just for you. Remember it may take a bit to develop a vocabulary you all speak.

5. Create a daily practice of making yourself available to your team

This might be prayer, meditation, and the occasional full moon circle. Discover what fits in your life. A commitment to your practice will allow spiritual relationships to take root and bloom in all areas of your life.


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My story — and what you can learn from it 

My little home in Arizona is a sanctuary for wildlife. During the first hot summer, I began leaving a hose barely trickling water. The birds, lizards and wild rabbits would come and quench their thirst. Javelina, lynx, and other creatures would pause in the sanctuary, before returning to the path next to my house.

I began to feed the birds and put carrots out for the bunnies. Watching the lovebirds, quail, and assemblage of other birds fly inspired me. The bunnies’ antics helped me slow down and shift something deep inside. I know this is where my healing began.

Coyotes and hawks would drop in sometimes, but somehow there was enough room for all. The little sanctuary was full of love, gentleness, and messages. Caring for this space and the animals was part of my spiritual practice. This was where my heart bloomed with gratitude.


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Time to shift energies

Late last summer the ground was broken for a big landscaping project. This involved lots of people, noise, digging and total chaos in the little habitat around my home. I eventually had to pack my bags and leave, as the next phase of destruction moved into my home.

I was worried my animal friends would forget about me and move on to more serene pastures. I drove from Sedona weekly to check on the remodel progress. Sometimes I would see a lone bunny run into the bushes. This made me hopeful that not all was lost.

Fast forward four months, and I’m back in my house. I discovered my bird feeder had been thrown away. Cigarettes and the occasional pieces of construction trash litter the ground. There is still noise and people roaming about, but it’s time to rebuild my sanctuary.


I’m ready to feel grounded and connected with peaceful energy.

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Creating a sacred space for spirit

On my first evening home, I placed some organic carrots near the base of a cactus. I wasn’t sure how long it would take for my animal friends to show up, or if they would show up.

That evening I saw a couple of bunnies and quail eating carrots. Three days later I had 10 bunnies chasing each other in between nourishing their bodies. They remembered my voice and the sound of the door opening at treat time.

This experience reminded me that when we have chaos in our life our attention shifts. Maybe we even turned away from the place we connect with God and our spirit team. Yet, every time we return to our sanctuary our spiritual team is waiting for us.


The bunnies and other wildlife were unseen and waiting. They never left their place in the sacred sanctuary we created together. I needed to return and make myself available. Now when I see the animals I think of my loving spiritual team.

Where do you connect?

My sanctuary and the wildlife are symbolic of connecting or reconnecting with my spiritual team. We each have to discover our sanctuary and develop a practice that holds gratitude and opens our hearts. See who shows up.

You will definitely shift some energy and make some beautiful connections.

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Polly Wirum is a spiritual coach and psychic. She teaches clients how to discover their truth through psychic readings, astrological readings, and intuitive life coaching. She offers guided meditation and, in some cases, guided exploration of past lives.