How To Manifest A Safe And Sacred Space For Building Your Dreams

We manifest all day and every day, but many of us don’t fully commit to intentional manifestation.

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An explosion of nuances takes place when you are inspired. Recently, I decided to elevate my intentional manifesting to a whole new level.

When we remodeled our home, I asked the landscaper to clear an area in the northwest corner of our lot. It is next to a nature preserve and surrounded by Palo Verde trees and other desert plants and creatures. Offset from the middle of the circle is a Saguaro cactus. It's at least 30 years old because it has several arms reaching for the cosmos.


There is only one path that leads to the circle surrounded by stones. I have been thinking of different ways to honor this space. I did nothing with it for over six months. It was swept clean by the wind, blessed by the rain, and baked by the hot desert sun. Everything not meant to be there was broken down and blown away by the elements.

The only foot traffic on the path has been quail, rabbits, coyotes, and javelinas.

At first I thought it would be fun to hold a full-moon ceremony inside the circle, but that felt limiting. Then, my mind landed on creating a manifestation circle based on gratitude.


One does not need to have a graden with a perfect corner to focus on manifesting or any other spiritual or soul-deep work. Follow the instructions below for examples of how to do this. 

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Follow these to steps to create a safe and sacred space to manifest

1. Take form from the symbolic

One evening, I walked the circumference and gave thanks for everything. At each step, I released red rose petals into the circle. The next day was the new moon. I connected with the energy and created my affirmative prayers for this moon cycle.


I scattered marigold flowers with my fears onto the ground. The circle began to feel sacred and alive. It is where I share gratitude, let go of what doesn’t serve me, and cast my dreams into the Universe. I love how it feels like a slow dance between my mind and destiny as everything comes into focus.

I tossed rose petals in the circle to activate my heart and radiate love. I scattered the magic of marigolds for joy, attracting the spirits of the land and letting go of my fears. The northwest direction is recognized for representing home, earth, and emotional energy. Last, I will add rose quartz, which will bring in the idea of unconditional love, as it enhances manifestation and heals the heart.

Each item I add to the manifestation circle is intentionally symbolic of my life. My circle will continue to transform as I evolve and change. Regardless of what is going on in my life, I can step into my circle of peace and compassion. The beautiful energy I put into my circle with each symbolic item helps the intention I will have in the circle. From this center of power, we can intentionally manifest our creativity and build our dreams.

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2. Let the physical space become the mental space

You can use a sacred physical space like my circle, or you might summon the sacred from within at any place. Either way, you can use almost any ingredients to set your mental space.

A blank slate is required to manifest intentionally. First, you eliminate the distractions in your physical space or the ideas in your mind. Anything you give attention to other than the details of your intentional manifestation decreases your ability to manifest.

After establishing my circle, I let two seasons pass before I returned.

After you have cleared your physical space from distractions and have stopped distracting yourself with the same spiral of thoughts, allow yourself to settle into the mood and the peacefulness. Notice what begins to grow in the emptiness of your mind. This may be inspired ideas or actual seedlings taking root in the ground. Everything is symbolic in this space and mindset.


I let different images play in my mind as the temperature cooled to welcome me back into the circle.

There is nothing to rush in the art of manifestation. You must allow things to take form. This is the fun stage! It is the part where you try different things and see if you like them. Enjoy the process because you may fall in love with some ideas and not like others that are perfect. You are designing your life. As you change, everything changes with your perspective.

I enjoy playing with different types of crystals and flowers that add to my manifesting circle to see how they affect my headspace and ideas. This is how I feel the Joy of co-creating with the universe. This energy is pure inspiration.

I am bathed in joy as I tap into the well of possibilities. It is like wearing magic glasses to see and understand everything available. My manifesting circle is the space I have created to ignite my mind.


As you take your time and explore all your possibilities, infuse this experience with love. You can practice your intentional manifestation around rose quartz while sipping tea, listening to your favorite music, or any other way as long as it is infused with love. The crucial element is to nurture your physical space and mindset to be open to experiencing something beautiful as it grows.

The different flowers and crystals I bring into my circle nurture me and the land. This cultivates my creativity. Find what you need to cultivate your creativity. Intentional manifestation works this way to make fertile soil for creativity to manifest.

Practice receiving blessings from the universe. These might be intuitive hints, gifts, or beautiful memories that appear from nowhere.

I find peace by slowing down and allowing the feeling of the space to flow in since this helps awaken my creative mind to manifest what needs to happen next.


You also must take action and protect your sacred space. Find out if it needs boundaries or if unsuitable objects and ideas should be removed. Ask yourself what actions you can take to manifest yourself free of distractions. Clearing the circle and setting up the rock boundaries are necessary for my sacred circle.

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Wrapping it up:


I can’t say what the future holds, which is part of the beauty of our world. What I can do is practice and celebrate my role in creating a life that is fulfilling, joyful, and absolutely a miracle that is continuously gracing me with love. I stay open to life by using intentional manifestation in my sacred space to be OK with whatever comes next.

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Polly Wirum is a spiritual coach and psychic. She teaches clients how to discover their truth through psychic readings, astrological readings, and intuitive life coaching. She offers guided meditation and, in some cases, guided exploration of past lives.