7 Easy Ways To Invite More Miracles Into Your Life

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On a road trip, I unexpectedly discovered a healing center outside of Santa Fe.

El Santuario Chimayo is a sacred place with holy dirt. It is not a stretch for me to see dirt as holy. I love touching dirt, rocks, and other natural elements. The soil is often where I go for peace.

When I put my hand on the cool, mocha-colored dirt, many emotions ran through my mind and body. Maybe I was overcome by my expectation of the miracles, or maybe I truly experienced a miraculous healing.

We are surrounded by miracles every day. We just need to pause long enough to notice them.

What is a miracle?

An unexplained occurrence that results in peace, ease, healing, and other desired consequences. I believe miracles are highly vibrational and divine experiences. I have fun thinking about miracles being coordinated by God, Angels, or guides. They are created where there is no fear, only love.

I encourage you to expect a miracle because the fact we are living and breathing in this incredible world is a miracle.

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Here are seven ways to invite miracles into your life.

1. Believe miracles are possible

The most crucial part of creating a life of miracles is simply believing miracles are possible. Having faith in the possibility of receiving a healing or some other miracle creates an opening for the miraculous to occur.

2. Take action to welcome miracles.

This can be simply having a prayer and meditation practice. It might be lighting a candle and giving thanks for the beautiful parts of your life. These are high vibrational actions and aligned with the energy of miracles.

3. Have fun creating a life that welcomes the miraculous.

The more you put your attention on thoughts of love and gratitude, the more you will experience everyday commonplace miracles.

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4. Get out of the way so miracles take seed and grow.

If you constantly stay in a logical mindset, you block the path to a miraculous life. Allow yourself to daydream and practice other non-logical, expansive mindsets.

5. Practicing the love vibration of self-care

Do a quick review of your lifestyle. Are you practicing self-care so you automatically live in the vibration of love?

We are human and all far from perfect, but caring for ourselves goes a long way in receiving miracles. Think of self-care as the foundation for easy access to miraculous energy.

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6. Be part of a community that believes and thrives in the miraculous.

This can be an online community, a retreat, or a spiritual setting. Being in the presence of others who believe in miracles creates a dynamic shift in your ability to receive. The power of a prayerful collective is magnificent in creating positive change.

7. Take notice of the high-vibration experiences and miracles in your life.

Start writing a journal for these occurrences. It is a great way to notice how many beautiful experiences are woven through your day-to-day life. Not to mention your little notebook of miracles might be a best seller one day.

Back at the holy dirt, I lit the candle from El Santuario Chimayo to write by. I see the sprinkle of holy dirt next to the tiny flame. I'd thought about saving the candle for special occasions but now is as good as any other time to create a space for a blessing, miracle, or healing.

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Polly Wirum is a spiritual coach and psychic. She teaches clients how to discover their truth through psychic readings, astrological readings, and intuitive life coaching. She offers guided meditation and, in some cases, guided exploration of past lives.

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