What To Expect During Your Second Saturn Return

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Saturn and its lesson can feel cruel, but in the long run, it is a gift — a diamond hidden in our chart that is revealed after our first Saturn return. When Saturn returns to our natal birth position, it usually takes 27-30 years to transit. When Saturn does this again, this is called our second Saturn return.

While our first dance with Saturn can feel overwhelming, bitter and confusing, the second time will feel much more manageable. Why? Because Saturn is also known as 'Father Time' and, assuming we have applied the lessons from our first return, the second can work in our favor since Saturn shows benevolence to those who have already experienced the transition and have worked hard to evolve and become better versions of themselves.

What to expect during your second Saturn return

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Clarity and maturity

Saturn humbles everyone during their first rodeo. However, once you have endured the Saturnian lessons, the native will experience a breakthrough and period of clarity. We develop tools and new lesson plans during our first return. But during the second return, the veterans will step up and know how to play the game and make the moves needed to advance. Saturn wants everyone to know how to work with the curveballs that life brings our way, so the second return is usually when the natives feel like they can handle the pressure with much more ease compared to the first time.

Increased confidence

When we are young we can be insecure about who we are, how we look and how others view us. However, after our first Saturn return, we may not care what others think. We will be more confident with our self-expression and identity, which can be reflected in the way we dress, the way we transform our looks and even our mannerisms. The first Saturn return means officially entering adulthood. By the second return, we can proudly show others who we are. Our authentic selves radiate.

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The second Saturn return is when people are usually preparing for retirement. So there is a new level of freedom with how we control our time because we get to create and run our schedules the way we want to. This period can feel liberating to the natives since they can do what they want without feeling the anxiety of the first return when we are all still adjusting to being adults.

Wisdom and optimism

Having fewer worries sometimes translates to developing a more optimistic outlook, which is different from the nerve-wracking first Saturn Return. Not to say that life will be a bed of roses, but the native is more willing to face challenges with more optimism and determination. Experiencing a second Saturn return is also beautiful because it allows the native to impart their wisdom to others. They are the ones who have mastered and learned Saturn; they can help their children, friends, or family members learn more about overcoming the obstacles that life presents our way.

Forgiving and loving yourself

We can be rough on ourselves in our 20s and 30s, especially if we do not accomplish our goals. However, reaching our second Saturn return will help us give ourselves grace and understanding. We are more patient and hopefully kinder to ourselves. Saturn will teach us a lot of harsh lessons, but those lessons are to help us become more empowered and determined to succeed. The second Saturn return reflects how much a person has endured, fought, and created through the last 30 years. It is a period when the natives should praise and honor themselves for all their accomplishments.

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