How To Make Moon Water & Harness The Power Of Each Lunar Cycle

The energy of the Moon is pure.

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Whether we believe it or not, we are all connected to the Moon — emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As the Moon moves through its 8 lunar phases, it not only controls the tides, electricity, and energetic fields, it’s also believed to affect our emotional and spiritual soul.

Our body is mostly made up of water, so it’s an interesting theory for the Moon to play a part in our emotional states. The Moon offers an intimate connection so we can all become unison with the Universe.


But it's possible to harness the energy of the Moon by making your very own Moon water.

What is Moon water?

The Moon has been celebrated for eons; in fact, centuries ago, it was common for people to dance under the Moon during ceremonies, no matter what weather conditions occurred.

Moon water is known to help cleanse the soul, and though it's not supported by scientific evidence, is said to have certain health benefits. But Moon water isn't something you can just pick up at the store!

Moon water is simply water that has been charged under the Moon, which then takes on the energies of the Moon itself.


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Those who receive the Moon’s energy are said to hold the power of healing, transformative, and positive energy.

While most people collect Moon water during Full Moons and New Moons, this can be done at any time during the month; however, Full and New Moons have the highest gravitational pull, which is believed to release the highest level of its energy.


What are the benefits of Moon water?

When you use Moon water by setting an intention, you are able to manifest whatever it is you want. But that isn't the only benefit of Moon water.

In addition for being a powerful tool for thought work and manifestation, it’s believed that the Moon is feminine, which helps connect our creativity, time, enlightenment, and more.

The Moon represents an inner neverending shift within ourselves, so we can use its energy to reflect on life. It also invites us from the shadows to seek the light. The energy of the Moon focuses on our subconscious mind by giving us new insights.

So, Moon water increases our creativity, brings balance to our emotions, cleanses us, and helps us form a stronger connection with the Universe.


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How to Make Moon Water

Making Moon water doesn't just mean leaving a pail of water under the Moon all night; in fact, it's essential to infuse your Moon water with your specific intentions.

However, it's very easy to make Moon water:

1. Fill a mason jar with water.

Fill your mason jar, or any glass jar, with filtered water during a Full Moon, or when the Moon is clear in the sky. You can also fill the jar with fresh rainwater.

Just be sure you are using potable water, or water that is safe to drink, as well as cover the top of the jar with a lid, if you intend to drink Moon water.


You can even wrap your jar with a clear wrap to enhance the absorption of the Moon’s energy. This will also prevent anything, like bugs or dirt, from getting inside of the jar.

The jar you choose represents your body as a vessel for your spirituality. This also measures your capacity for love, acceptance, and truth in your life.

2. Infuse your water with herbs or crystals.

Surrounding the jar with herbs and gemstones helps the Moon’s energy focus on a certain aspect of your desires. Keep in mind the specific energy you want the water to have, and choose the crystals or herbs associated with those energies.

​If someone desires love, then it’s recommended they lay rosebuds around the jar, whereas rosemary and sapphire help promote wisdom, and chamomile and Angelite promote joy.


3. Set an intention.

Ask yourself what you desire from the Moon’s energy so that your focus is more clear during the process. Think about how and why you will use this Moon water, taking a few moments to say an affirmation out loud or to meditate with those thoughts.

4. Express gratitude.

Hold the jar of water close to your heart and express gratitude to the Moon. Expressing abundance and blessings will help promote the Moon’s energy. This will help you meditate on healing, and release any transgressions you may be holding inside.

5. Put the water in direct moonlight and leave it overnight.

Once you have set your intention and infused energies from herbs and/or crystals, you can leave the jar outside on the porch, or inside on your window — as long as the jar is being directly exposed to the moonlight.

Put the jar of water down, walk away, and let the Moon work its magic!


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How to Use Moon Water

Once you have your charged Moon water, there are multiple ways you can use it.

1. Drink it.

Drinking Moon water helps purify any toxins in the body to help recharge our energy.

Another way to amplify your cleaning process is by using Moon water to make tea with. Pick either rosemary or mint and add the Moon water to enjoy a fresh cup of hot tea. Herbal teas are known to carry health benefits and healing.

2. Use it to alleviate illness.

If you’re feeling sick or ill, boil the water in a pot. Once the water is boiling, lean your head over the water, putting a rag over your head so the heat doesn’t escape.


Allow the Moon water to open your pores. This will help sweat out the sickness while recharging yourself.

3. Add it to a spiritual bath.

While Epsom salts are great for relaxing your muscles, add the Moon water as well. The energy of the salt helps cleanse the atmosphere.

But rather than just a bath to wash your body, consider using your Moon water in a spiritual bath.


4. Water your plants.

For plant moms and dads, this is a great idea to try, as you add Moon water to your plants for extra hydration.

Since plants change your carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen (O), this means the plant will release pure energy for you, allowing you to breathe in from the comfort of your home.

5. Wash your crystals.

If you collect crystals, this might help the cleaning process. It’s recommended to use the Moon water to cleanse your crystals, from any contaminated dirt.

Be sure to research which crystals will benefit from Moon water, as well as which should not be in water, before using it so there’s no damage.

6. Put the water in a diffuser.

If you don’t have plants to release the Moon’s energy, go to your nearest grocery store to get yourself an oil diffuser. This will help the Moon water recharge your home while giving it a relaxing odor from essential oils like tea tree oil or eucalyptus.


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