What Is A Spiritual Bath?

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What Is A Spiritual Bath?

A spiritual bath is a different experience than a regular, relaxing bath.

Spiritual baths are rituals that aim to cleanse one’s chakras and revitalize their aura.

What is a spiritual bath?

A spiritual bath occurs with energies from the powerful oils, herbs, or crystals added to the bathwater.

Spiritual baths cleanse the mind and spirit with ingredients that charge the bathwater with healing vibrations.

These vibrations help remove pains and situations that don’t serve one in any constructive way.

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Spiritual baths often involve healing crystals, flowers, candlelight, and views of nature.

What is it about this amazing practice used around the world that makes it so remarkable?

Read on to find out more about a spiritual bath and what it is:

Spiritual baths are times of spiritual growth.

When one takes a spiritual bath, one should set an intention — a specific feeling or attitude that one wants to invoke.

For example, you would want to release tension or negativity.

Intentions aren’t always necessary, but they can help the bath actually work and help with the manifestation of the things one wishes for.

Spiritual baths are clarifying and cleansing.

The very process of preparing for a spiritual bath involves cleaning.

You clean the tube and declutter the bathroom.

You take a “preliminary shower” to physically cleanse your body.

You fill the tub with water.

It's no wonder that there's a sense that a spiritual bath is an important time of transformation.

A spiritual bath is similar to an herb bath.

Some may fill the tub with three inches of hot water, then put in their salts and herbs, and lastly fill the tub with warm water.

A spiritual bath is relaxing.

You can fill the tub with water at whichever temperature is comfortable for you — then put in the salts when the tub is full.

While the tub is filling up with water, you can gather materials that you will use for the bath.

These materials would be the herbs, essential oils, and salts that are mixed directly into the water.

You can also gather things that would complement both the bath and the atmosphere — candles, crystals, and incense.

You should soak in the bath for about half an hour.

During your time in the bath, try to clear your mind of unwelcome thoughts, and focus on your intention.

A spiritual bath is religious.

A ritual bath is a religious ceremony that uses water to anoint someone’s body.

There are various forms of a ritual bath, “ranging from total submersion to a symbolic sprinkling.”

Religions have used spiritual baths for both negative and positive purposes.

In Judaism, the Mikvah is a pool of natural water where people bathe for the restoration of their ritual purity.

Christian foot-washing, called pedilavium, signified humility and it took place in the early church on Holy Thursday.

Followers of Shintō, the religious beliefs and practices of indigenous people in Japan, practice water ablution to prepare for a visit to a shrine.

Ablution is described as the washing of the body and possessions with the intent of purification.

All around the world, spiritual baths are considered to be special, and if you want to have one yourself, enjoy!

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