Your Dominant Personality Traits, Based On Your Birth Month

Your birth month says more about you than you think.

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By Emilia Gordon

While we like to think that our birth month has no effect on what we're like as people, this couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, your birth month determines the type of personality you have.

Let's take a look at what words and characteristics perfectly describe you, as well as how others perceive you.

What are your dominant birth month personality traits?

January: Talkative, independent

If you were born in January, you're smart, talkative, have tons of friends, and are the sexiest among all the birth months. You love to make new friends and reciprocate others’ love. Your chatty nature makes it easy to connect with others, though you highly value your alone time and doing things yourself.


Courageous, you can get hurt easily, but you're quick to recover. You do lie at times, but you're never fake about it. And because a day-dreamer, you can be quite unpredictable at times.

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February: Free-spirited, empathetic

If you were born in February, you’re a free bird with love for abstract thoughts. Your intelligence quotient is pretty high, and so are your moods. However, you're incredibly empathetic and nurturing to the people in your life.

You tend to have more than one best friend because of your zest for life. And though you rarely express your inner feelings, you're a caring and ambitious person, which makes you very successful in life.


March: Charismatic, reserved

If you were born in March, you're the most attractive one in the group. Like your charming looks, you're the best one in bed, too. Your charisma gets you anything you want, whether it's friends, lovers, or even new acquaintances.

Full of passion, intelligence and the desire to help others, you're extremely popular among your peers. And while you do love attention, you're also kind enough to give others space, including yourself at times. You're someone people admire.

April: Charming, fearless

If you were born in April, you’re loved, adorable, have a bubbly personality, and your sense of humor makes you a funny person. You're extremely charming and have a tendency to get others to easily warm up to you.

You're always up for a new adventure and face challenges head-on. Your peers enjoy your company because you always cheer them up, and your intelligence and confidence add grace to your lively personality.


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May: Inspiring, loyal

If you were born in May, you have a soothing personality, always motivating others to be their best selves.You're caring, emotional, and always help your friends when they go through any problem.

You tend to be diplomatic most of the time, and try to resolve issues without much fight. People tend to lean on you because of how reliable and loyal you are.

June: Perfectionistic, sensitive

If you were born in June, you always try to maintain your integrity. You’re the perfectionist who still loves their "me time" but you're quite difficult to understand. In fact, many don't see the sensitive, empathetic person hiding behind their perfectionist tendencies.


You're loved by everyone and you treat each person equally. You forgive but you never forget; still, wasting time on unnecessary things isn’t your thing at all.

July: Flirty, ambitious

If you were born in July, you’re the flirty one that everyone has crush on. You have a way with words and your coy demeanor makes people gravitate towards you. Along with your flirty disposition, you're quite mischievous, but you know how to carry it with pride.

You're famous for being the "playboy" and you simply kill your haters with your personality. People also know you as the incredibly driven person who won't stop until their goals are met.

August: Creative, outgoing

If you were born in August, you have an outgoing personality with a "don’t give a damn" attitude. You enjoy the limelight and have a playful attitude towards life.


People will often find you cooking up your next project, whether it's a novel, art piece, or song. Creativity is something inherent in you, though you tend to get distracted. But it's nothing a night off won't fix.

September: Decisive, organized

If you were born in September, you're practical and you always try to make the right choices in life. Your friends depend on you, and you wouldn’t do anything to harm others.

You're a planner by nature, taking practical and intelligent steps to meet your end-goal. It's actually one of your most valuable traits, as you're the one people rely on to follow through.

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October: Passionate, opinionated

If you were born in October, your passion defines you — you're passionate about everything you do! Whether it's your job or your relationships, everything you do is done with a purpose.

You take time to be in a relationship, but when you do, you flare it up with your intensity. You may be a bit secretive, but others will never wonder what you're thinking because you're an open book.

November: Diligent, intuitive

If you were born in November, you're strong-willed and love to explore. You work hard for your dreams, and while some may call you a workaholic, you just see it as covering all your bases.


You're more inclined towards literature and other arts. You enjoy exploring the world and are a beautiful person from within. But not only that — you're incredibly intuitive and are able to pick up on the emotions of others.

December: Beautiful, generous

If you were born in December, you have flamboyance in whatever you do. You're beautiful — not just in your looks but also in your ways of life. Like the winter snow, you have a beautiful serenity yet there’s a great depth to it.

You're incredibly giving and care deeply about the people in your life. Whether it's volunteering or just helping out a friend, your time is best spent encouraging others to flourish.

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Emilia Gordon is a writer based in Kansas and a frequent contributor to the Mind's Journal. Her work often covers social activism, traveling, and lifestyle topics.