Soul Mate Definition

Soul Mate Definition

A Soul Mate is someone of the opposite sex to whom you feel deeply connected with. Someone you have great compatibility with and with whom you have a great spiritual, soul (mental), and physical attraction to. Someone when you look at it’s like you are looking at a mirror image of yourself and to this person you want to make a lifetime commitment with. And the feeling is mutual with both individuals. When you meet your Soul Mate it has the touch of divine grace, favor and amazement upon it and on earth nothing is more precious in life.


* Having someone to love you as much as you love him or her.
• Having someone to treat you with the utmost respect, love and kindness.
• Having someone that doesn’t take you for granted but loves and cherish you.
• Having someone that understands you.
• Having someone that allows you to be you.
• Having someone that’s a good communicator to you.
• Having someone that makes you feel like you’re the greatest person on earth, HIS QUEEN.
• Having someone that makes you feel like you’re the greatest person on earth, HER KING.
• Having someone that enjoys being in your presence.
• Having someone that brings out the best in you.

If you are dating someone and you don’t have this type of chemistry between the two of you that individual is not your Soul Mate but Just Another Date. Many times in life we settle for Just Another Date to fill the void of loneliness, insecurity or depression. Most often, we are afraid to admit that we are not trusting God, so we pick up anybody to change them to appear as if they are heaven sent. Experiencing a life with your Soul Mate is the greatest thing on this side of heaven and God wants you to find or be found by your Soul Mate. A godly marriage is the greatest example of heaven on earth and God uses it as a representation of Christ and the church.

Many times after going through a divorce, separation or a broken relationship we may respond by saying, if I knew then what I know now, I would not have pursued or entered into a relationship with that individual. Now, you don’t have to become a statistic when you understand how to find your Soul Mate God’s way. However, in order to find or be found by that person, there is a code that you must know in order to discover or attract your Soul Mate. If you can crack this code, it would take you out of the dating scene and place you in the presence of the one that was destined to be your Soul Mate and Life Mate. You can know with complete certainty, no pie in the sky theories or hypothesis, but a knowing and understanding of what it takes to find the love of your life. You came into this world with an inner knowing and an ability to open the relationship vault. You just don’t know that you know and therefore you remain in ignorance and your Soul Mate remains out of reach.

Happiness belongs to you just as much as it belongs to anyone else and there are essential keys and a code for finding the person of your dreams.

• Does it seem as if you will never crack the Soul Mate code?
• Does it appear that you were sent here without a code?
• Or, that no one took out the time to teach you the proper code?

If you’re in a relationship at this present time and the person doesn’t match the definition above of a Soul Mate then you’re going to have to make a serious decision. When there is a doubt about whether or not a person is right for you—he or she is usually not. And, it is through our rationalization and justification that causes us to break the code and become a divorce statistic. You don't have to be a statistic you can find or be found by the mate of your soul for YOUR SOUL MATE WAITS!

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