What Gals Who Act Tough At Work Must Do To Find True Love

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men intimidated by successful women

If you must play hard-hearted and aggressive, make sure to take care of your feminine self.

In recent years there have been a number of books and many items in the press encouraging women to be tough and more like a guy when it comes to our careers.

Yet whether you're single or in a relationship, it is important for us, as women, to be aware that taking this advice without balance can be destructive to both our health and our happiness.

Over my many years as a matchmaker, psychologist, and relationship mentor for discerning singles, I have counseled a large number of women whose focus on achieving success in their careers has come at the expense of their personal life.

They often ask me why men are intimidated by successful women, but I don't think that is the real problem most of these women face. It is actually something deeper happening within the women.

For women, focusing on achieving ‘like a man’ can potentially have serious consequences on our physical and psychological wellbeing whether we are single or in a relationship.

Maybe you’re single, have achieved in your career, but wonder why you’re alone when you would prefer to share your life with a great guy.

Perhaps, as for many other successful single women, your achievements and independence in the workplace have been appreciated and respected by your desired type of man … but your softer, more feminine attributes that are likely to attract him have not been apparent to him. 

Over the years we have quite often received feedback from a guy after a first date with a woman through my consultancy along the lines of, “She would make a great business colleague”.  

This has been really valuable in assisting the woman concerned, especially if she enjoyed meeting the guy and hoped to meet him again.

While stress can assist us to achieve, it can also be a destructive, constant companion as we manage the pressure and demands of our work each day.

Nowadays, as a doctor recently observed, women seeking a prescription for antidepressants seems as ‘normal’ to them as their taking their daily dose of vitamins. Alarming evidence of the need for us to have balance in our lives is that women as young as 30 are having heart attacks as they strive to achieve in their careers.

Delaying having children  often until too late  is but another of the distressing potential consequences for many a woman who has focused on her career without seeking balance for her health and happiness.

Recently, a successful female CEO in her later 40’s contacted us wanting to meet a potential partner under 50 who also wanted to have a child.  

Unfortunately for her, none of the men in her preferred age group were interested, given that it would be a challenge for her to conceive at her age. While a male can have a child in his later years, we women cannot.  

Surely the time has come to question whether the only way we women can really succeed is to behave as if we were a man

If we are aiming high, it is important for our well-being that we have balance in our lives and take conscious steps to nourish and express our needs and desires as a woman  before it is too late.

Take time out each day to take care of the woman you are, and make sure that the strength of your feminine essence shines through as you live each day!
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