Rihanna and Chris Brown Fighting on Twitter


Is breaking up with someone or "unfollowing" them a way to show them how you really feel?


Rihanna stopped following Chris Brown on Twitter. She’s mad at him because he said something mean about her in one of his songs. It seems like she should have stopped following him a long time ago, when he was abusive to her, but today her “un-follow” is headline news.

Apparently “un-following” someone on Twitter is really letting them have it.


Breaking up with someone or getting even on Twitter seems kind of mellow compared to Facebook. Twitter is like stalking from a distance. When you un-follow someone they don’t even know it. But when you change your status on Facebook from “In a relationship with…” to “Single” everyone sees.

The Twitter status and Facebook profiles of pop stars are apparently stalked by the paparazzi. It’s easy gossip. But is it really that satisfying?

Fighting on Twitter is like deleting someone as a Facebook friend. When you are hurt or angry you can un-friend them, and there is something about blocking someone that is kind of fun, but deleting a follower from Twitter, unless you’re Rihanna, seems somewhat unsatisfying.

Un-following an ex-lover or dropping them from your Twitter list just doesn’t have the same appeal as slamming a door or “un-friending” them to their face.

Of all the people following you on Twitter, do you really care how many stay and which ones go? For most of us that don’t spend every moment having our Twitter feeds tracked by the paparazzi, take some time to delete someone today. Enjoy it, sure. But don’t think that you’re proving a point or getting even.

They probably won’t even notice.

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