5 Ways To Get Closer To Your Wife — And Have More Sex As A Result

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5 Ideas To Get Closer To Your Wife Without Having To Talk
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Tired of talking, processing, and hashing out your day? Try these.

It's the end of a long day. You have spent most of it tackling problems at work and likely talking excessively. The last thing you want to do at the end of a day like this is process your relationship issues, again.  

If you find your spouse frustrated with your inability to find the words or discover that your discussions are becoming unproductive, try some of these tips on how to make your wife happy in order to demonstrate your care for her and one another:

1. Clean something around the house.

Women love a partner who cleans. If you want to demonstrate that you understand her and want to participate in supporting her, clean something.

You can try one of the items on this list to really knock her socks off. 

2. Explore a walking trail together. 

Exploring a trail together sets you both up as beginners and has the added benefit of being out in nature. This makes space for awe and discovery. Try walking side by side when you can and take turns leading on narrow paths.

3. Revisit an important place in your love story.  

Taking a trip down memory lane shows that you value your love story and the significant places that brought you together.

It doesn't have to be something as obvious as the location of your first date. Choose something more personal like where you were when you first realized you loved her.

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4. Go to church/synagogue/mosque together. 

Another way to get closer as a couple is to connect your story to a larger story. Going to a religious service together can help you both see your common purpose and connection to something larger than yourself.

5. Have some quiet time.

Be silent on purpose. Ask her to spend 5 minutes in silence looking at each other. Blame me! This is an opportunity to connect profoundly without words. Set a timer. Close your eyes and think about how much you love her and ask her to do the same.  

When you are ready, open your eyes and try to hold that feeling in your heart as you gaze at each other. This is not a staring contest so please blink, look away but return to her face.  

Intentional time connecting nonverbally can be the game changer in your intimacy.

Rev. Tamara Lebak is a Unitarian Universalist minister and couples coach who helps individuals live whole lives in partnership.  Check out her success stories and make an appointment for a free consultation today.

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