Couple Builder: Practical Generosity


Ask your Valentine what they most need help with.

I frequently refer to Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages. It is one of my highly recommended reads. The concepts are key to understanding how to contribute to your mate's sense of well being.

What can happen in a relationship is that each one tries hard to be loving, yet each remains feeling unloved. The book explains why such a comedy of errors can occur. It also describes in detail how to meet the needs of the one you love so that they will feel it.

Today's #Positive #Interaction will especially warm the cockles of the heart for anyone with the love language, "Acts of Service". It will also convey a generous and helpful spirit to any partner. Your assignment is to ask your mate what they most need help with right now, and then jump in to do whatever it is at the first opportunity.

As always, prepare to ask this question by cultivating a curious and open attitude. If you fear this will open the door to a flood of complaints, it probably means you're already aware of not meeting your partner's needs. This is not giving the best of yourself. If you have managed so far to cultivate an atmosphere of openness to each other, congratulations! And keep up the good work by seeing what practical assistance with life's problems you can offer.

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