How To Tailor Your Online Profile: 10 Do’s And Don’ts


Feeling discouraged by online dating? The answer may lie in your profile format.

One in ten Americans have tried online dating. This figure shows that it’s likely that someone you have met has used online dating at some point. That also means now it’s more competitive to make your dating profile stand out.

With so many eyes on the photos and words that represent you, creating a successful online profile can be both an intimidating and difficult task to accomplish. Online dating pitfalls happen everyday — make sure you avoid the most common mistakes by ensuring your profile is the best (and accurate) representation of yourself.


  1. DO post photos (especially your cover photo) that make you feel attractive. Having a high-quality photo can make all the difference to finding online dating success. Investing time, energy, and even a little bit of money into taking professional photos for your profile should be among your top priorities as an online dater. A $200 investment can be the difference between more responses. Stay up to date: Just like you’d expect from your potential suitors, it’s vital to make sure your photos are up to date (no more than 12 months old) and consistent with your current appearance. One good photo can convey a powerful message about you — putting enough effort forward will help you attract and pursue quality men or women.
  2. DON’T post selfies.Help put an end to the era of selfie photos by not posting them on dating sites. Although it may take less time and effort, stray away from posting mirror pictures — especially in your bathroom. Rather than the sight of toilets, sinks, and grout, finding an attractive background for your photo will entice in a more promising crowd.
  3. DO let your personality shine through the language you use. Anyone can say they’re “funny” or “genuine” — instead of just saying it, demonstrate your strong personality attributes by being specific and selective in the words you choose to include. Be specific about your interests and invite questions by talking about your interests. You want to stand out in the large pool that is online dating and being sensible about your word choice can help you achieve this.
  4. DO include what you’re looking for.Are you looking for someone to share the rest of your life with? Are you looking for someone to casually date? These are the questions that your profile must answer. Stay positive in the language however, as how you answer questions like these can determine the type of men or women who will be interested in you.
  5. DON’T have a lengthy list of requirements to meet matches. You should have a (short) list of things that are important to you such as; relationship goals (do you want marriage or kids), age, religion might be on the short list. However, don’t limit your to only a small portion of the population. Saying you’ll only date an Italian-speaking entrepreneur who is Catholic and 6 feet tall, however, will not bring you online dating success. Instead, compiling a concise, tidy list of basic requirements will maximize your number of dates.
  6. DO demonstrate something you’re passionate about through the photos you post. Doing something you love in a photo can capture peoples’ attention before they even read your profile. When people can relate to the interest you’re portraying in your photo, they’ll want to more and maybe even pursue you as a date. 
  7. DON’T ramble on about how great you are.  People tend to be intimidated by lengthy descriptions. Using clear and concise language will invite someone to give you a second look, and hopefully message you too.
  8. DO be careful with the information you disclose. It may seem obvious, but cleansing your profile of your name, email, addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information is essential to ensuring your online safety.
  9. DO include the basics. While you should be mindful of the information you release online, it’s important to tell potential matches your REAL age, basic occupation, REAL height/weight, if you have children, and/or if you want more children.
  10. DON’T lie about your age, weight, height, expectations — or anything else. It may seem innocent to slightly alter these characteristics, but lying in any form is unfair to anyone who takes an interest in you. Don’t mask who you truly are — especially since the truth will be unveiled if and when you do meet online matches in person. If you decide to change facts, be prepared that the person you meet may not be okay with it. While it’s become expected that many people embellish their height, weight or age, remember that if you do it, you can’t be surprised when others do too.

While it may seem like there’s a plethora of rules you need to follow in order to create an appealing online profile, you just want your profile to be a reflection of yourself in the best light possible. Still feeling lost? Consider using a professional service to help you market yourself. Still feel like online can be a jungle? There are services that will help you through the whole process- emails and all- consider asking for help if you need it. Remember that creating a good profile will help you in your pursuit for Mr. or Ms. Right and that spending the time WILL make a difference.