The One Thing You Must Consider When Planning Your Wedding


When the stars align... the perfect time for a wedding.

There's a lot of things to arrange when planning a wedding: the place, invitations, guest list, menu, music, and on and on and on.  But there's one thing that doesn't even cross the minds of 95 percent of couples who are making wedding plans.  Yet it's a consideration that will not only impact the wedding day, but could also influence the relationship itself.  It's the astrological affect of the time and day chosen.

Although the effects of astrology are far from absolute, there is little doubt that there are celestial influences in our lives.  (Just ask any emergency room nurse or doctor during a full moon!)  Technically, the exact minute that you say your wedding vows is the first moment of the relationship's legal life.  And you could actually choose the time and date which would be most auspicious and astrologically beneficial.  Happily, you can do this if your wedding plans aren't restricted by time.  If you do wish to determine the best precise moment, make an appointment with a professional astrologer who'll consider the transiting planets as well as both of your natal charts.  (You'll need your birth locations and times.)

Most people, though, don't have the luxury of an open calendar.  Vacations from work, renting of reception halls, family availability, and honeymoon travel plans all have to come into consideration.  If you don't have the freedom to pick a specific time based on your birth charts, you can still give yourself an astrological leg up in the day you choose.

Here are the implications and influences of specific days:

Saturday— This seems to be the most popular day of the week for weddings, probably because of its convenience.  And in some ways, it's appropriate in its astrological influences.  Saturday is ruled by Saturn, which carries qualities of commitment and obligation.  Since a wedding ceremony is the legal and spiritual declaration of fealty from each person to the other, Saturn reinforces the energy of that commitment.  Unfortunately, Saturn also carries the qualities of restriction, duty, and even oppression – talk about feeling “trapped” in a relationship!

Sunday— The sun's day rules enthusiasm, creativity, self-actualization, birth, confidence, and joy.  While these qualities may not be specific to romantic relationships, getting married on Sunday obviously can't hurt. 

Friday— This day may actually be the best day for a wedding.  Ruled by Venus, Friday brings the influences of love, sensuality, devotion, sex, and intimacy.  Not too bad for lifelong romance!

Remember, though, these are still only influences.  They can help, but they do not provide the outcome.  (Even your own natal chart simply shows the temperaments and trends.  You are the creator of your future.)  No matter what rules the day, it will not rule your life.  You and your partner will direct your relationship forward.  And it will depend upon you to continuously discover your passion and to keep communication the highest priority no matter how busy you get.  If together you promote the steps of personal growth, both individually and collectively, your lives will always be filled with opportunity.

So seek to hold in your hearts the creativity and self-actualization of the sun, the commitment of Saturn, and the love and intimacy of Venus; and you’ll make every day you share together something to celebrate!

What day are YOU thinking of getting married on? I'd love to read your thoughts. Please share them below!