Why You Should NEVER Take Interracial Dating For Granted


Interracial dating is generally approved of these days, but it wasn't always like that.

I am currently dating an Asian girl. I know exactly what you think now. "Who cares? That’s nothing special. What exactly do you mean to tell me with that?"

Well, for you it is nothing special to hear that a white guy is dating an Asian girl. It probably also wouldn't be special for you if someone would tell you that he is dating a black girl. I guess I couldn't even trigger some weird feelings inside you when I would tell you that a black guy is dating a white girl and that they will have a baby who is half black and half white.

And do you know why this is nothing special for you? The answer is because we are living in an amazing day and age. We are living in a time in which dating whoever we want is more socially accepted that it ever has been before. For everybody who is interested in intercultural and interracial dating, the times we live in are the definition of paradise.

Of course there are still some people who look at you in aweird way when you walk hand in hand with a partner who doesn't have the same skin color as you have, but all in all you can date and hookup with whoever you want.

Think Back To The Past

You might think that dating whoever you want is something that is completely normal. Maybe you don't even realize how lucky you are if you have a black girlfriend or a black boyfriend and you are not constantly getting insulted or looked at as if you are the antichrist.

I was born in Germany, and if I would have been born 50 years earlier, I would have been killed if I would have dated a girl from another race. If you are American and you would have been born 50 years earlier you couldn't date a black guy or girl without being abandoned by your family. What most people forget is that you shouldn't take the amazing opportunities of our day and age for granted. Instead of complaining that everything was better in the old days, you should start to appreciate the fact that no generation before us had as much freedom as we had.

Shape The Future

In case you're, like me, a big fan of dating people from all over the globe, you should regard it as your duty to contribute to an even better understanding of interracial relationships. Whether the future stays this tolerant, becomes even more tolerant or eventually regresses is on you and me.

At the moment, interracial dating is socially accepted, but that doesn't mean that this can't change. If you look at the current political development, you can get the feeling that this could change every second. Racist groups are on the rise, there are more and more protests against racist crimes and the hate between the cultures becomes more intensive. 

It is on us to contribute to the acceptance of interracial dating, and it is on us to maintain and to improve the image of interracial relationships. Don't take everything for granted that our fathers and mothers have worked for so hard. Make sure that they didn't protest for nothing.