How I Fell Madly In Love With Thailand (And You Can, Too)

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One night in this gorgeous country is all it takes. You'll be hooked.

One night in Bangkok makes the hard man humble. Even though this might be true, the Land of Smiles will not only make you humble, it has also the power to change your whole life.

Sometimes I wish that I would have stayed in my dead-end job in my boring hometown. Sometimes I wish I would have never traveled to South East Asia.

Why? Because then I wouldn't feel so miserable whenever I leave the one country that feels like my true home. I wouldn't be homesick whenever I am in Europe.

I wouldn't dream about the beautiful women, the delicious food and the warm weather all day. Life would be much easier.

But I am glad that I broke out of the Matrix.

Like Neo, I knew for a long time that there is a world out there that offers me everything I need to live a fulfilled life of happiness. I just didn’t know where this magical place was, until I stepped out of the airplane in Bangkok.

During my time in Thailand, I met a lot of expats, and, thanks to countless conversations, I found out that I am not the only one who's fascinated by the country and especially by the local women.

Why is this country able to cast a spell over so many men?

Beautiful Women Everywhere

You can try it as much as you want, but you won't be able to deny the fact that Thailand is a paradise for single men.

The amount of beautiful women that you will see when you walk through the malls in Bangkok is simply phenomenal. They are all very slim, have smooth black hair and bodies to kill for.

In the West, it's a real wonder when you see one girl who is not overweight, but in Bangkok you will only see a few women who are obese. Most of the time, those girls are tourists.

Dating a Thai woman definitely has the power to make your heart beat like it's never beaten before.

I know from my own experience how amazing it is to date a Thai girl, but I also know that their beauty is not the only thing that makes them so special.

Values That You Forgot About

The women will treat you with respect.

In case you have never been to an Asian country before, I want to say it again (just in case you don't get it). The women actually treat you with respect.

You will never see a Thai girl who makes fun of her boyfriend in front of other people.

Respecting other people is a core value of the Thai society. The reason why this value is still adhered to is pretty simple—you don't see any music videos, movies or advertisements that condition women to act disrespectfully.

In the West, you won't even find one child who has respect for teachers, so how can you expect to find a woman who will treat you with respect? 

A Culture You Will Fall In Love With

You will fall in love in Thailand. You can date as many women as you want and you can have as many sexual relationships as you can possibly handle, but sooner or later you will fall in love with a Thai girl.

This is simply inevitable.

Why? Because the culture itself makes you fall in love.

Of course the fact that the women are extremely beautiful, caring and good in bed are all reasons that make you fall in love, but the culture itself can have an even bigger influence on your feelings.

Imagine that you walk along a breath-taking beach with a girl who has the most beautiful smile you have ever seen.

After, you go to a night market. There are lights everywhere, and you inhale the smell of delicious food.

You look in her eyes while she smiles at you in a way that communicates affection and respect simultaneously.

Don't tell me you won't fall in love.