Men, Want The Perfect Girlfriend? 4 Things She Should NEVER Be


Once you know what girls NOT to date, you'll be on your way to a happy relationship.

Do you dream about having an amazing girlfriend? Do you want to have a woman in your life who fascinates you every day? Do you want a girlfriend who makes you smile whenever you look at her?

A lot of guys want that, but only a few are actually able to end up in a relationship with a woman who is perfect for them. On one hand, a lot of guys don't even know how they should talk to women or how to seduce them. On the other hand, there are also many guys who learn the basics of seducing women, but end up in a relationship with a girl who isn't good for them.

Don't be one of those guys. I want you to enjoy your next relationship, instead of regretting it. Make sure you won't end up in a relationship with a girl if she has at least one of the following four characteristics:

1. She is a cheater. What if you meet a woman and as soon as you talk about deeper topics or a possible future, she reveals that she once cheated on one of her ex-boyfriends? Even if she tells you that she will never do it again and that she had no choice back then, don't end up in a relationship with her.

If she has done it before, chances are high that she will do it again, especially when there are hard times in your relationship. If you want to end up miserable you can ignore this advice, but don't complain when you catch her in bed with another guy.

2. She is a party girl. If you are looking for a one night stand, party girls are perfect. They are fun, they have low boundaries, and they crave for attention. If you are looking for a supportive and trustworthy relationship partner you don't even need to think about dating a party girls.

A relationship with a party girl won't work. No matter how happy you are, she will constantly crave for attention and if you don't give her the attention she needs, she will get it from somewhere else.

3. She is a smartphone addict. If you are dating a woman who spends more time with her smartphone than with you, you should think twice before you end up in a relationship with her. In my eyes, it has become an epidemic among women to upload thousands of pictures every day and update their status on Facebook every couple of seconds.

It is scientifically proven that smartphone addicted people rank very high in narcissism. Do you really want to be with a narcissist who loves her smartphone more than you?

4. She is emotionally unstable. I have one friend who is with a girl who needs antidepressants every day, and if I can only prevent one other guy from this destiny I can honestly say that I did a good job on this earth. Don't end up in a relationship with an emotionally unstable girl.

Think about your future. Do you think a woman who can't even deal with her own life without the help of medication will be a good wife or mother?