3 Wild Tips For Women: How To Improve Your Sex Life Today

3 Wild Tips For Women: How To Improve Your Sex Life Today
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Bored of your regular bedroom routine? Try these three tips to spice it up!

Today I am going to show you exactly how to improve your sex life and have more fun with your man inside and outside the bedroom. I'm going to give you a number of very specific ideas that you may have never thought could help to improve your sex life, while also first covering some incredibly important things things that you absolutely must do. By the way, if you are looking for tips on how to talk dirty to build sexual tension and turn him on, then you may find this tutorial video on talking dirty to be very useful.

1. Communication & Open Minds
The first thing you must do to improve and enhance your sex life is to make sure you have great communication with your man and are open with each other. This doesn't mean being blunt with your man and picking up on any and every fault he has. It means that you both need to constantly talk to each other so that you can let him know exactly what you like, what turns you on and what kinds of things you want him to keep doing. The same is true for your man so that you know his likes, turn-ons and what he wants you to keep doing.

Now after reading this, you may be excited and eager to just tell everything that's on your mind to your man. Don't! You need to start with baby steps and take things slowly. This is so you don't freak your man out and can gauge his reactions.

Also keep in mind that you need to keep your communication with your man very informal and relaxed. Sitting down at the dinner table at exactly 7PM to discuss your sex life with your man is not going to be fun for either of you. But whispering in his ear and telling him something you really enjoy while you are both in bed is going to work much better. You'll also find that sending him something dirty by text message will work very well also. To sum up, the key to learning how to improve your sex life is to be open with your man about your wants, needs and desires while encouraging him to do the same, while making sure not to be too formal or serious about it.

2. Set A Night Aside To Try New Things
Once you start being more open with your man about what you want in bed (and outside the bedroom!), then it's time to actually act on those desires. You'll learn everything you need to know in this presenation on how to give your man incredible oral sex. Rather than just hoping and praying that he is going to magically do all these things, it can help a lot if you actually set aside some free time so that you both have a chance to try them out. So if you have kids, get a babysitter. If you have chores to do, take care of them beforehand. In other words, make sure you aren't distracted so that you can just focus on each other.

In an ideal world, you wouldn't need to set aside time for 'sexiness', but for most people they just don't have much free time, so setting aside a chunk of time where they won't be distracted works incredibly well. The last thing I have to say on setting aside a specific night or chunk of time for 'sexiness' is to make sure that you are relaxed. For some, a glass of wine or beer helps. For others going to the gym first helps. Whatever you need to do first to feel relaxed, I heavily encourage you to do it.

3. 3 Hot Ideas To Help Improve Your Sex Life

Now that I have covered the fundamentals to improving your sex life, it's time to learn some specific things you can do to pleasure your man.

Incredibly Insatiable
Acting enthusiastic and almost insatiable towards your man is an incredibly powerful tool. Why? It massively massages and boosts his ego. It lets him know that he is a man that has the power to drive you wild with sexual desire. It's as simple as that! So the next time you are getting hot together, let him know that you need him badly. You can do this physically or you can try telling him by whispering in his ear.

Sub Or Domme?
Rather than just trying out new sex positions with your man, why not try taking either a more submissive or more dominant role over him? This sex idea will work best if you talk to him about it first. Otherwise, he may get a little confused when you suddenly pin him to the bed!

BJ Build Up
How you build up towards giving your man a bj is crucial. Sure, you can just immediately go down on him the minute you are both getting intimate. But your man will find it much more satisfying and hotter if you build up to it slowly. So rather than suddenly going down, start off by kissing him while massaging him outside his trousers with your hands. Then after doing this for a while, bring him to your bedroom and push him onto the bed. Next take off his top and slowly kiss your way down from his mouth to his crotch. Then remove his pants before kissing him. Then after you have drawn this build up out over 10-15 minutes, finally start giving him a blow job.

If you enjoyed these three tips, but want to learn my most powerful advice for sexually satisfying your man, then you may be interested in watching this instructional video on how to give your man incredible oral sex. Or you may find this tutorial presentation on how to build sexual tension and keep a guy attracted just as helpful.