Ladies, Beware Of This Creepy New Selfie Trend

Love, Heartbreak

You can't make this stuff up.

While I almost always advise single women to put up a profile and try online dating, there is one exception; the woman who is so beautiful she is likely to be the victim of a selfie scam artist. I learned about this creepy selfie trend with a client I'll call "Kristen" (because she looks like a blonde version of Twilight's Kristen Stewart) who lives in L.A.

When Kristen created her online profile, the picture she posted was nothing special — for her. In fact, it is the same buttoned-up professional photo that appears on her company website and LinkedIn profile. But even in charcoal Talbots, you can tell that she is young, beautiful and Hollywood-thin. Of course Kristen got tons of responses from interested men. That's not surprising. But of all my clients, she has had the worst, most cringe-worthy dates. Ever. And most of them involve a smartphone.

You see, apparently it is a thing among certain guys to take a selfie with a really hot girl, and then post the pic on brag sites. These men cruise online dating sites looking for model-perfect beauties and seemingly ask the girls out for this purpose alone. On one date, a PUA wannabe whipped out his phone, selfied himself with Kristen, and blurted out "This will look awesome in my newsletter!" Ewww. The weird part is that none of these Selfie Artists actually tried to seduce her. (I guess it's pretty clear that Kristen is a classy girl. Or maybe the iTrophy was enough.) And, of course, there was never a second date.

I told Kristen about a new dating app called VoiceCandy. It's like Tinder, but you choose your match based on voice appeal, rather than looks. Kristen is excited to try it. But for now — no online dating for her.

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