Obama Is Right—"Conversion Therapies" Are So WRONG! (Here's Why)

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#ThanksObama ... for REAL!

Your son is gay? No, he doesn't need his head examined or his soul redeemed; he's just being himself ... being human.

I tried therapy ... it didn't take the gay away. I tried religious guidance ... it didn't take the gay away. Finally, I tried listening to my soul, and it worked! The gay stayed, as it's meant to. 

I'm as gay today at 51-years-old as I was the day I kicked my way out of the womb and into the world.

Granted, like most people who begin to feel that stir of "something doesn't feel quite right about me," I wondered if I needed some therapy to figure it out.

Thank God my parents didn't go to the extreme of gay conversion therapy in the early 80s. Of course, it wasn't called that back then; it was simply called "messy, confused, state of being that will pass, THERAPY."

Well, it didn't pass and it doesn't pass. It's just who we are—gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender. No cure needed for being yourself.

Right Mr. President?

Obviously, President Obama, as of today, high fives that same truth that we in the LGBT community have known for years. Obama's latest political chess move shows he's not blind to this truth, thus the reason he's calling for the end to "conversion therapies." All hail to the Chief!

Of course, all hell will now break out as this momentous nudge makes its way through the narrow-minded halls of Capitol Hill, or at least some of the minds who are less tolerant.

For those who see LGBT individuals as the devil's scorn, the loose thread that is tearing apart the fabric of our community, I invite you to put yourself in our shoes.

No, I'm not asking you to pretend you're gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. Nor am I asking you to don drag for a full immersion experience in gender-bending.

What I am inviting you to do is consider the following:

  • At one point in history, people considered being left-handed a curse, a wicked spell, even a sin against the all mighty. Yet, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton, Judy Garland, and Carol Burnett were all enlisted for conversion therapy, as well as a whole list of other famous folks to rid them of their left-handedness they were born with and never chose!
  • Did we not learn anything from Auschwitz, the madness of Hitler, and persecution of Jews, that being born this way doesn't eliminate a race?
  • Are we really going to revert back to the days of racial inequality where the color of one's skin (which they were born with) meant they were second-class citizens?
  • Of course, we could go really radical and invoke conversion therapy treatments in the hopes of unwrapping DNA that dictates the color of one's hair and eyes. Where would Loreal's and tinted contact lens companies unemployed end up?
  • And last, I knew there was no conversation therapy being enlisted to cure little people, so they can become "normal" height.

I know you think I'm smoking pot and did inhale. Those statements probably sound ludicrous to both sides of the argument.

But are these really any more ludicrous statements than the one stated by California and Texas licensed therapist, David Pickup? He claims that being gay is often brought about by serious emotional problems or sexual abuse. Really? I beg to differ.

I'm emotionally stable, even though I was sexually abused.

However, even when I was sexually abused, I was already interested in men as a young boy; the only thing I regret is that my abuser didn't let my sexual awakening happen like a normal teenager should experience ... when I was an older teen or adult.

As a homosexual man, my right for sexual awakening should only have taken place when I was ready, NOT when my abuser desired.

Once again I will state the fact—I was as gay at age 7 as I am at age 51.

With regards to the proponents whom believe conversion therapy is a solution for healing sexual orientation, here's what I know for sure—at least for me and probably for the vast majority of LGBT individuals.

What is between my legs determines my biological sex. In my case, it's a penis. Thank you very much, but no conversation therapy is going to change that for me. I'm quite happy with my Mr. Happy!

My gender identity, what I perceive in my mind about my self, is "male." It's what I see in the mirror. This is different for everyone, but it's how we see and view ourselves in our minds.

For the most part, the gender identity (mind) and the biological sex (between the legs) align. However, for our transgender brothers and sisters, this is where the mirror, mirror, on the wall makes them the most beautiful people of them all. What they see in the mirror is a completely different manifestation in their mind, opposite of their physical manifestation.

As for my gender expression—how I choose to dress, express myself with my voice, physical stance—that's pretty much "male" as well. On occasion, my hands will flail and you'll hear me utter a slightly effeminate, elongated guuuuuuurrrrlll.

But other than that, I'm all male, even though I don't get society's fascination with car racing, football, and basketball. Although, the way those uniforms fit all those hunky guys do cause me to say, guuuuuuurrrrlll.

Which, of course, leads to the final thing I know: My sexual orientation is towards men.

I'm sexually, physically, emotionally, and intimately attracted to men! I've know about this attraction for as long as I can remember, and it has nothing to do with my desire to dress up or my years in the performing arts. And no, I didn't play with Barbie's. (Okay, I did play with Barbie's ... with my daughters in the pool where we made fabulous parade floats out of air mattresses and floaty noodles!)

Yet, none of that influenced or changed my sexual orientation. I'm simply born this way.

Born this way the same way our Commander-In-Chief was born with darker skin, and larger than average ears. Neither of which required him to undergo conversion therapy before he could hold one of the highest offices in the land.

So, thanks, Mr. Prez, for seeing, believing, and understanding that "born this way" means born this way, and that each and every person on the face of this earth has the inalienable right to just be THEMSELVES. No conversation therapy required to fix anything!

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