15 Online Dating Emails That Make Me Want To Stay Single

Online Dating Disaster Emails

If this is what’s out there, I think I’ll pass.

Earlier this year, I decided that I should make an effort with online dating. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the guys who have been writing to me.

1. "Yummy." That was the entire first message he sent me. And the Brooklyn girl in me came out. I replied, "Seriously? 'Yummy'? Does that ever work for you?" He claimed it did. And that I really was.

2. "I’ve always wanted an older woman to tame me. ;)" He was 19. I replied, "Good luck with that."

3. "i want to see ur tats."

4. "Totally love the Ink .Will you marry me.?" Listen buddy, if you’re going to joke like this, you have to get the grammar right. Otherwise it just looks creepy.

5. In response to writing in my profile that I lift weights, "Hello you don’t look like your pushing plates but looks can be deceiving." Noted. I’ll be sure to post some pics of myself flexing at the gym, just so you’ll believe me.

6. "Props on your (mostly) sane Match Question answers. I should read your profile!" No, forget the profile. You should read my book.

7. "i like your profile and you look date able hit me back so i can take you out." He followed up with, "i don't mean to insulate you, but i am interested. send me your number so we can talk on talk phone." Keep reading ...

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