THIS Is The Real Way Awkward Guys Can Get The Girl

young couple

How can an awkward guy land the gal of his dreams? It's easier than you think.

Just the other day I was telling someone how men tend to be more visual and women more emotional when it comes to dating.

Heck, an ex of mine wasn’t necessarily stimulating in the visuals department  but I guess I conned myself into thinking I was in love with his mind. I certainly fell out of love with the mean way he treated me.

Seeing a pretty woman with a guy that may not seem to match up to her level might make folks think he turned to rbrides.com or somewhere to find a stunning woman.

You’ve seen them while walking down the street, no doubt. It might be a nerdy, geeked out guy who doesn’t have the best social skills in the world  and it looks like he’s dating a supermodel.

That kind of pair up could make folks wonder how such a pairing exits.

Let me tell you: There are times that females feel more compassionate towards men and take all of their factors into play  like a great personality, a healthy bank account, and a kind heart  and use that to judge the overall attractiveness.

How else could we explain how a guy like Lil Wayne could land a stunning woman like Lauren London? 

Some of his lyrics are amazing and his rapping flow and cadence truly epic  but if the situation were reserved, it might not pan out that way.

Let’s face it  a man who is extremely attractive generally is well matched with a woman of the same echelon of attractiveness or better. But there are plenty of other instances of a woman seemingly unequally yoked to a man who doesn’t look as good as she does by societal norms.

Men seem to gauge themselves or each other by the beauty of the trophies on their arm. Even awkward guys tend to work hard to make enough money to buy the kinds of creature comforts that might attract some women.

That usually includes the safety of a beautiful home in a safe neighborhood, nice cars, a fat enough diamond on their left hand and plenty of food in the fridge.

Of course, in the end, you want the match-up to be heartfelt and heart-based.

No one wants to be coupled up with someone solely because of the monetary things they can offer. It’s about meeting one another on a level of emotional and physical attractiveness that doesn’t involved anyone using the other person.

So the best way an awkward guy could get a hot girl is to simply be himself and find a woman with similar interests.

Go full throttle into “cosplay” or coding or whatever floats your boat.

With the wide variety of varied interests, there’s bound to be a woman who’s into the same things  and into you as well.