Does Sex On The First Date Ruin A Potential Relationship?


Having sex on the first date doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have a future with somebody.

There’s a lot of conflicting "rules" out there for how to meet your mate. Should you wait three days before you call someone back? Should women never make the first move, or do guys think it’s hot when they do? Maybe men need to have "the chase" and therefore, women should hold off on sex if they know they really like someone. The Millionaire Matchmaker famously has a rule of "no sex before monogamy." However, is that the only way we can all find a partner? Do you need to follow all the "rules?"

There’s a ton of different people out there, and they have their own opinions on sex and relationships. There are men out there that will lose respect for a woman if she decides to have sex with him on the first date. There are women that will get turned off if a guy takes too long to make a move.  Some guys will still respect a woman who has sex earlier than the third date and there are some women who will get turned off if a guy makes a move on them too early on in the relationship. There’s not a perfect formula. It’s never good to force an emotional connection if you haven’t had time to build it yet. However, having sex on the first date doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have a future with somebody.

There are so many rules out there, most of them conflicting with each other and you’re not going to know exactly what your date thinks if you don’t know them that well yet. The most important rule is to be comfortable with whatever you’re doing. If you want to have sex on the first date, fine. But don’t assume that he’s fallen in love with you. Guys are going to take whatever chance they can to have to have sex. That means they will be happy to do it with someone that they don’t plan on seeing again, but then again, if they had a really good time with you and you had sex on your first date, they still might want to keep seeing you. It’s not black and white.

Make your own rules.