Love & Faith: Why Religion Is The Key To A Strong Marriage

love & faith: why religion is the key to a strong marriage
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Our expert reveals why spirituality is the secret to a loving, lasting marriage.

As a Christian relationship coach, the foundation of my work is based on faith. Without proper structure, you cannot know what to expect in love, especially in marriage. While on a mental or cultural level it may appear to be financially more feasible to raise a family alone, research shows that traditional models of marriage provide greater personal fulfillment, despite some financial sacrifices. The benefits of social support is extremely conducive for emotional and physical well being.

According to a recent article, people who regularly attend church marry at higher rates, divorce at lower rates, have more children and tend to be more faithful than those who do not. These positive benefits of regular church attendance not only keep couples spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy, but also strengthens intimate relationships. Placing faith as the foundation of marriage is the key to attaining the innate desires, true emotional security and the lasting fulfillment each person is ultimately searching for in life. No one looks back and wonders if they should have worked more for financial security; it is the quality of the relationships that can become a large regret if one does not have proper life priorities.

Many of you have met those who believe that going to church on a weekly basis is optional for the life of a believer; or perhaps that describes where you are today. We are made for community and connection and church attendance is an excellent avenue to build a strong life foundation. I have coached many couples who believe they are closer to God when they are in nature, saying it is just as good as going to church. While it is positive to appreciate creation and the beauty of nature, it is not a substitute and will not create a strong foundation of a shared life. We all need those around us who can hold us accountable to the values and morals we profess to believe. Left alone, it is human nature to stray from what one knows is right. Keep reading...

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