5 Great Strategies Bachelorette Andi Used To Seal The Deal

Use These With Your Prince Charming to Guarantee a Trip to the Alter with Mr. Right Not Mr. Wrong!

If you're a fan of the "Bachelorette" series and you watched the After the Final Rose show this week you might have been taken by surprise when Andi said good-bye to Nick and he was whisked away without the final rose. I bet you knew for sure Andi made the right decision the moment Nick opened his mouth and asked the question that caused the "OMG" gasp heard round the world.

The moment Nick asked his "kiss and tell" question I'd bet my career that single and married men alike knew intuitively that Nick had sealed his fate with Andi, the Bachelor/Bachelorette show, and many future brides that might have ben attracted to him during the show.

What might not have been so obvious, however, are the 5 great relationship strategies Andi and Josh both demonstrated throughout the show that nsures a successful future together as a couple. You might consider adopting some or all seven if your goal is to walk down the isle and tie the knot with Mr. Right instead of Mr. Wrong.

Strategy # 1: You probably noticed the pitch and catch relationship pattern Bachelorette Andi and Josh established as a couple from the beginning to the end of the show. Pitching and catching is really an important part of any successful relationship. If you find yourself doing all the pitching or all the catching — stop. Show up and express your concern and practice a new pattern of pitch and catch. 

Strategy # 2: Listen to and follow your heart and intuition. If your heart is telling you one thing and your head is telling you something else, trust and follow your heart. 

Strategy # 3: Pay attention your old relationship patterns. If you've been telling your friends "My picker is broken" and the one your with feels familiar there's probably a reason. Ask friends, family members, and value their input  like Andi and Josh did. 

Strategy # 4: Use your emotions as your compass. Notice when your "Fight or Flight" survival pattern kicks on.  If you've been in a love relationship and had your heart broken even once, your survival switch make kick on the minute "Mr. Right Now" does something that even slightly resembles something from the past. The emotion you're feeling in the moment could be a residual emotion lurking from the past ready to hijack your present moment to protect you and keep your safe.

Strategy # 5: Share your feelings honestly, openly, and directly at the appropriate time. While it takes courage to be authentic and vulnerable in any relationship, it's the foundation for true intimacy and a requirement for long lasting success.