4 Best Places To Engage In Water Sexual Fantasies


Discover the best places to have sex in water.

When you need to spice up your love life with sexual fantasies, one option is to find some great new locations for getting frisky. You may love outdoor sex with the thrill of getting caught or otherwise you may love aqua sex. Having sex in and around water is sensual and thrilling, below a list of the top places to have sex in water and some tips to make sure you have a time to remember.

Your bath tub in your home is a place where you can get steamed up and ready for the act, but the actual size of your tub might prevent you from getting down to intercourse comfortably. What you can do here is gently massage each other with some suds or bath oils for some really sexy foreplay and then go on to the bedroom all hot an bothered to get down to the act. If you are brave and fancy full entry sex in the tub, make sure to use some silicone based lubricant that will keep your girl moist and damp.

Having sex in the bath tub can be quite restrictive and painful on your knees, so a great alternative for some really great sex is the shower. A shower over your tub, a cubicle or a walk in wet room are all great for getting going with some really steamy action. Your shower is great for stand up sex and you can use oral sex for foreplay to real get each other in the mood. Your shower can get a little slippy under foot so try to use a non slip mat under foot and grab onto a rail or other handle for increased stability as you increase speed and bring yourself and your lady to climax.

If you are lucky enough to own a spa, hot tub or jacuzzi, then this a perfect place to really get down and dirty. With the warm bubbles all around, the jets of water will excite you and choice of position is all yours. Once again, use some silicone based lubricant to keep your lady wet when you move onto intercourse, the flow of the water of your tub actually counteracting her natural lubrication. Your tub is designed for comfort, so you can take advantage of some foreplay, oral sex and then choose one of many positions for intercourse such as your girl straddling on top of you whilst you relax surrounded by bubbles.

The next place that you can choose to heat up your sex life is the ocean. Especially when you are holidaying in the sun, the sea exudes a certain allure that make you want to experiment with aqua sex. Here you do need to be aware however that salt water is irritating to the vagina, so perhaps some frolicking in the water and manual stimulation followed by intercourse on the sand is the best way forward. Here, remember to take a towel to avoid sand sticking in uncomfortable places and most importantly, make sure that the wrong people are not watching!

If salt water and sand don't appeal to much but you still want to get dirty in the water, you can try a swimming pool. Once again, remember that your aqua sex should not actually be a spectator sport, so choose a private pool or one where you are guaranteed no onlookers. The chlorine in the pool can make the vagina very sensitive, so a great option here is for your girl to sit on the pool side, while you pleasure her orally and then to clamber out onto the decking to get down to some seriously hot intercourse, the water gently lapping away at the pool edge.

Last on the list of the top places to have sex in the water has to be in fresh water. Forget the chlorine in the swimming pool and the sand in your creases on the beach and head to a secluded lake side or river. Once again this setting is seriously romantic and hot and a great option whilst on holiday in warmer climbs. The fresh water will not irritate the vagina, so find a shore with gently pebbles where you can pleasure each other or alternatively find some secluded rocks where you can enjoy a whole range or aqua sex activities from manual and oral stimulation to full intercourse.