4 Key Benefits In A Polyamorous Relationship

4 Key Benefits In A Polyamorous Relationship
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Think monogamy is here to stay? Think again. Polyamory may overtake monogamy.

There are many reasons as to why most of the people are involved in a polyamorous type of relationship such as swinging. There are many cases where people who are in a monogamy type of relationship are not satisfied with their partners. This is due to many reasons and most of the partners who are not satisfied in their relationships may end up breaking or even filing a divorce.

Several monogamous couples are not aware that swingers actually have lower divorce rates than monogamous couples. When one sticks to one particular partner who is not experienced in different ways to satisfy his/her partner, he/she may live just to dream about the various sexual positions and styles that other colleagues who are satisfied and discussing. It is therefore not a bad idea to be involved in this type of relationship where both partners agree. There are many benefits that re associated with this type of relationship that are not there with the monogamy type of relationship.

Here are the key benefits of being in a swinger type of relationship as compared to monogamy:

1. You Will Be Satisfied.

Sexual satisfaction is one of the most important things that most of the couples want to achieve. However, not all partners are satisfied or able to satisfy other partners. If one sticks to one partner, he/she may not be satisfied and if he/she will be faithful to that partner, there is that satisfaction he/she will be lacking. The best thing for such couple is to have a mutual agreement where both will be involved in a relationship with other partners with the knowledge of the other partner. When they are both satisfied, the relationship will even be stronger and both parties will be happy unlike the monogamy where one partner will be suffering.

2. One Will Explore Different Methods And Techniques Of Making Sex More Pleasurable.

Having a pleasurable sex life is one of the most important things in a relationship. The pleasures in the act are sometimes dictated by the sexual positions and styles. One partner may not be aware of such techniques and the couple may be left behind with the ordinary styles and positions that are not even pleasurable. When the couples are involved in polyamory, they will be able to explore the options of other people and they will be able to improve their sex pleasures.

3. The Couple Will Be Able To Realize Their Weaknesses While Having Sex.

There are some simple mistakes you won't realize until that time you will see the way other partners are doing it. If you are in a monogamy type of relationship, you will not realize such simple mistakes and your sexual performance will not improve. Those who will be involved in such relationships will be in a position to realize such mistakes and they will improve their sexual acts.

4. It Reduces The Chances Of Infidelity In A Relationship.

In most cases, infidelity is as a result of not being satisfied. Those who are in a monogamy type of relationship will not allow a polyamory relationship and when one partner is not satisfied, he/she may be tempted to be involved in infidelity. Those in polyamory will have a mutual agreement and this reduces chances of infidelity since everyone will be satisfied.