Ditch Your Negative Partner With Help From These Rihanna Remixes

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Love, Heartbreak

Using a creative license to get the point across that you need to leave. Priceless!

Let's put a fact on the virtual table. Very few things can affect our head and our heart and put us in a particular state of mind than music. When we're angry, we listen to metal and rage music. If we want to get happy, we listen to pop and hip hop. When we're contemplative, we listen to alternative and rap. If we're relaxed and just floating, we listen to jam bands and reggae. And if we want to dance, break free from a funk or sit on cloud nine to the thoughts of our newest beau, we listen to Rihanna. She is, after all, the Barbadian Queen of Hip Pop. Rihanna's tunes, by and large, are upbeat and uplifting, a rare exception being 'Stay'.

Well, 'Stay' will do just that while we take a subsection of her immensely popular iTunes catalog and do our own remix of it. We shall forget about the happiness of letting someone stand under our um-b-rella ella ella ella eh and do away with finding love in a hopeless place. Instead, we shall talk plainly about the importance of kicking someone to the curb with a much-needed breakup. We're going to get real and real quick so sit back, relax, reflect and enjoy.

Track 1: Run This Town - Ah yes, the feeling we shall have when we've kicked someone off our cloud, and we're free to be Miss and Mr. Independent while painting the town any color of the rainbow we please.  

Track 2: Life Your Life - Don't mind if I do. I know who I am and I know what I want. I'll be damned if I let someone else determine what my life will be. Enough of this nonsense. I've spent way too long trying to convince myself that I was living my life when in fact, I was living the life someone else wanted me to live.

Track 3: Love the Way You Lie - Since it made me realize that is all you are, a liar. It hit me like a blunt instrument and it hurt. But I picked myself back up. Thanks for being such a transparent fraud. Speaking of transparency, I can't see you again.  

Track 4: Only Girl (In the World) - I want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world and that's why I'm leaving. Because you're incapable of doing this. I deserve that feeling. Lord knows I've made you a priority in my life. I've spoiled you. I've pampered you. Where's the reciprocation?

Track 5: SOS - The words are true: "SOS, please someone help me, it's not healthy for me to feel like this". Truer words could not be spoken. I obsess over you and us for so many reasons. You aren't ever where you say you're going to be. I see phone numbers on your cell that I don't recognize. The list goes on. And so do I.

Track 6: Take a Bow - And for all of these reasons and so many others, I will, in fact, take a bow. The night is over. This masquerade is, getting older. Lights are low, the curtains down. There's no one here.  

Yes my friends. I took liberties with the meanings of some of her songs. We're pals and so she's cool with that. Of course, if you believe that, I'd like you to come to Justin Timberlake's house party with me next Friday. In the meantime, I'd ask that you think about where you are in your relationship or where you've been in past relationships.

We do a lot of holding on when the only reasonable things to do is to walk away. And while there aren't many non-depressing songs that can inspire us to take that necessary leap, it's easy to make your own soundtrack by re-framing songs to fit your needs. Just ask "Weird Al" Yankovic.

P.S.--Although Rihanna does in fact sing a song called 'Take a Bow', I borrowed the lyrics from another singers song of the same name to frame my description for Track 6. If you guess who it is without cheating you get a gold star.