Dream Man Or Nightmare: Why Are Women So Hot For Vampires?

Vampires Diaries

Their blood may be cold, but vampires are heating up the screen this season.

Six years ago, the arrival of the Salvatore brothers on the TV scene tipped a precarious balance to the point of no return. On the eve of the Vampire Diaries Season 6 premiere, I'm ready to declare it official: the only hot, inspiring, sensitive men to date (in your dreams) these days are vampires. Sad state of affairs, isn't it?

Women have always been drawn for mysterious reasons to these creatures — the archetypes of our own inner addictions and dark side. But the Vampire Diaries series has set a new standard for the ideal man in their unique take on the vampire persona. Not only are they pretty faces, the Salvatore brothers, Damon and Stefan, are the epitome of modern masculinity on the screen, and they exemplify what women want. Nothing beats the high of watching vulnerable, emotionally complex men in action ... even if only from on TV from your very own couch.

Yes, that's the best part of it. This is as good as TV gets for women of every age. There's no need to go to the theatre anymore to fall in love. Now we can turn on the lust and fall in love every week with the vampire species, more often if you follow the many other vampire sagas currently offered. The Vampire Diaries has brought to the screen so many successful characters, popular plot twists and eternal love stories that on October 6, the second season of the spin-off The Originals will premiere. 

Cold Vampires Vs. Warm And Fuzzy Werewolves

I've never understood why Bella in The Twilight Saga was so keen on anemic Edward when she had hot-blooded Jacob as an option. Even if Sookie from True Blood had chosen Alcide as her partner before his final scene, we certainly weren't sold on their love affair as much as we were when she was with Bill Compton or Eric Northman. That intellectual mind connection was important. As an audience, we are not really sure why a vampire's charm always seems to outwit the warm and fuzzy werewolf, even when he comes to the rescue of a smart woman.

The prize for the ultimate werewolf on TV is definitely won by the character of Mason Lockwood, interpreted by Taylor Kinney. (He's the uncle of one of the Vampire Diaries characters.) Swooping in with magnetism and charisma, he still ends up killed — surprise, surprise — by Damon Salvatore, who rips out his heart, both physically and symbolically, killing him instantly and showing once again the superiority of the cold vampire as the winner of women's hearts. (Surprisingly, vampires and werewolves seem united in their ability to come back as ghosts.)

Warm and fuzzy, with animal magnetism and sexiness, werewolves only recently developed well enough to even compete with vampires at winning women's hearts. This sexy yet vulnerable and beastly creature has been well received, sharing the screen with vampires in Being Human and reigning supreme in Teen Wolf. But he's still no romantic rival to vampires when it comes to captivating women. 

What Do Women Love About A Vampire?

Vampires on the screen are fascinating. With their roots in mythology, they represent the part of us that never dies. Even though they had a difficult start in gloomy and unfriendly places like Romania and the Caspian Mountains, they have evolved well enough to be able to integrate anywhere in the world.

While human men seem to be stuck in stereotypical representations, vampires have developed into versatile and unpredictable characters on screen. They can morph in minutes from ruthless, blood-sucking murderers into the kindest of lovers. As lovers, vampires have for decades charmed millions of women on screen with their principled approach toward intimate relationships. Monogamous and faithful to the end, they make women's dreams come true with their powerful yet vulnerable attitude. They are the best lovers, the best friends — and the enemy you don't want to cross.

Vampires had to evolve with the times. They are immortal, after all, and being immortal means being flexible and adaptable in a way that humans are not. So, human men, wake up! "What do women want?" you ask. All they want is a man who is well-rounded, meaning a man who shows manly attributes while being vulnerable and emotionally understanding. Stefan and Damon Salvatore are such men. What is so hard about being inspired by them?

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