The Single Best “Compliment” You Can Pay A Man

The Single Best “Compliment” You Can Pay a Man…

You want to know how to make him want you?

How to almost hypnotize him into an irresistible desire for you?

Though you'll be paying him, it doesn't cost you any money, and it doesn't require you spending any grueling hours of sweat at the gym.

In spite of how easy this is, this one compliment you pay a man is the secret some women use to make men fall hopelessly in love with them. How? By appealing to what men want most.


Before I tell you how to use this dandy little trick, how to make him want you, allow me to reveal the magic behind it. There's some little known psychology that makes him want you when you know how to use it. You see, women love to be loved. They want to feel wanted, pursued, chased, desired. And when a man looks into your eyes, and tells you "I love you" it makes your heart go pitter patter like a cartoon character.

It's not like that for a guy. When you tell a guy, "I love you," the response in his heart is, "that’s nice." If we were judging his emotional response on a Richter Scale, it would hardly move the furniture in a California earthquake.

But when you tell a man "I respect you. I’m proud of you. Out of all the women you could have had, you chose me," then you make his heart quake like it's a part of the San Andreas Fault line.

Men are constantly fighting each other for respect, admiration and recognition. And in today's fast-paced world, where they are doing everything they can to keep up, much less get ahead, the feeling of respect is something most of them feel very infrequently.

It's one reason why men show such little respect. You ever felt annoyed because the guy you're dating won't call you to ask you out but insists on texting? Or, he won't open the car door for you? Or pay attention to you when you're talking? This is why: because most men feel little respect for themselves.

But there is something you can do. And when you do it, you make him want you, and you make him want to be a better man.

Pay attention to him. When you pay attention to him, you show him and make him believe that you think he is valuable. Just by doing this, he subconsciously wants to live up to the respect you give him. Here’s a couple tips on how to do it:

When you are with him, put your phone AWAY. Do not bring it out when you’re with him. DO NOT text your friends, check to see if your friends have texted you. Do not answer the phone. Put it on silent. Give him your full attention. If you are expecting a call, let him know before you go out.

Look into his eyes when he's talking. Now, don't turn into the southside strangler or something and try to stare him down. Simply look at him. Into his eyes. With interest and gentleness. That specific feminine quality that men simply cannot resist. This means DON'T be like a bobblehead shooting your eyes all over the room to see who else is there. That is disrespectful, and can cause a man to jump to the conclusion that you're looking for someone better.

Finally, to make him want you, ask him questions and be interested. Find out about his work, his projects, his passions. Ask him why he likes them, what moves him about them. If he's frustrated about work, find out what he is frustrated by.

You might say to this last one: "every time I try to talk to a guy, he clams up." The issue is most often WHAT you're asking him about. If you're start by asking questions about his feelings for you, or where the relationship is going or why he's so distant, he'll clam up like he's got an string of pearls in his belly.

But if you ask him about him, HIS interests, HIS passions, with genuine curiosity, he cannot help but answer...and fall in love with you. Everyone loves the people who find them fascinating. And by paying attention to him, you give him that feeling. Do it right, do it consistently, and he'll repay you by loving you better than you ever thought possible.

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