20 Truly Pure Ways To Show Someone Love

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20 Ways To Show Someone You Love Them And Also Respect Them
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How to love someone well —​ advice from one of the purest sources possible.

Who has the purest perception of what love is?

Yes, children. They are still not confused by rules and games of attraction, social expectations, ego, belief systems, written by movies, books, media, or ads.

If you need advice on certain topics, your best option will be someone who is not overburdened by theories and can be open, honest, and right on spot.

That is why I chose my 5-year-old daughter to give her opinion on what we do to make someone feel loved and respected. Every answer she gave me amazed me because perfectly fits the most modern concepts of human psychology. 

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We are going to use the well-known theory of Antony Robins about "The Six Basic Human Needs". If all of our needs are met, we are functioning well and evolving as a human being.

How is this related? Let's see. There are 6 basic human needs that are at work every moment of our life.

  1. Certainty/ Comfort
  2. Uncertainty/ Variety
  3. Significance
  4. Love and connection
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution

If we love someone we want them to feel all of those to be healthy, happy and joyful, right? But how to do it in everyday life? Listen to my 5-year-old on how to show someone you love them:

1. "I know you love me because you are smiling at me when you see me, no matter how tired you are."

This satisfies the need for certainty and comfort and also makes you feel significant. Feeling accepted and welcomed is one of the most comforting feelings.

By showing someone you are happy to have them around, you are actually saying, "You are worthy.'

2. "I know you love me because you will prepare food for me even if you are sick." 

Again, choosing someone‘s needs before yours is giving them the sense of importance and worth. The certainty that you will be taken care of is one of the biggest ideas of love.

3. "I know you love me because you are telling me a good night story every night even if you have a migraine." 

This gives the feeling that you mean a lot to someone, that the time spent with you is a nice time, worth it, and valuable. It makes you feel more self-confident, getting your levels of self-worth higher and makes you happier.

4. "I know you love me because you skip your appointments to be with me." 

The opportunity to trust that they are a priority for you makes them feel secure and cherished.

5. "I know you love me because you help me with everything I need." 

Your presence is important for the one you love. But not just being in the room, but being present to sense the need of the one and react to them.

6. "I know you love me because you always know what my favorite chocolate is." 

Knowing someone’s preferences shows your interest in his personality and shows that you have been present, listened well, and heard what they need.

7. "I know you love me because you give me a hug when I am crying."

This relates to the six basic human needs, but mainly to love and connection. Feeling empathy and understanding is the most important sign of love that you can give.

8. "I know you love me because you let me dress as I want." 

Respecting the choices your loved one makes, shows trust in his opinion, abilities, and capabilities and this boosts their self-confidence and image of the self.

9. "I know you love me because you are nice to me even when I am doing something wrong." 

Knowing that you can make a mistake and this is not threatening the love you deserve and receive is one of the biggest presents that you can offer to the one you love.

10. "I know you love me when you play with me." 

Here, we go further with the six human needs. We grow as we play (directly speaking or as a metaphor): "Grow with me, play with me, learn with me, and walk my path with me."

Feeling that you have a like-minded and ready to follow you person by your side makes you feel unstoppable.

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11. "I know you love me when you explain to me with patience." 

Showing the will to understand and explain, to communicate is the basic level of the relationship. If you do not show respect in understanding and explaining, you’ve already lost the battle.

12. "I know you love me when you ask me questions."

Again, showing that you care makes your significant other feel truly significant.

13. "I know you love me when you listen to my stories."

The last of the six human needs is the need of contribution. We need to share. To give our inner world to someone. To give knowledge, experience, emotions and to know they are welcomed and accepted.

14. "I know you love me when you say you sorry." 

Having the strength to admit a mistake in the right way will always be a sign of love. Because it shows that the person is more significant than your own ego.

15. "I know you love me when you let me help in your tasks." 

Contribution is important to every human being. This creates an energy of a teamwork, togetherness, comfort, and learning, respectively growth. So doing things together is key to the success in love.

16. "I know you love me when you take care of me while I am sick."

Being there for someone at the right moment, no matter what deepens the connection and gives certainty.

17. "I know you love me because make me brush my teeth." 

To show love is not always easy. Neither is to understand the love that you get. Sometimes, we must insist on things that we believe are good for the one we love.

18. "I know you love me because you choose the best present for me." 

It tells a lot. It says that you gave it the thought, the time, the energy so you can make it worthy.

19. "I know you love me because you try to understand why I did something." 

Certainty, significance, importance, connection, growth, and contribution — all of the needs are at play not when we are happy and do everything right or as expected. But we also need to be ourselves and be accepted and understood this way.

20. "I know you love me because I miss you."

Giving the person the space to be is about his need of variety and uncertainty. I don’t need to say much — we all know what the lack of variety can do to an otherwise good relationship.

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Maya Boneva–Mahama is a Life Coach, NLP therapist, and Business and Success Coach. For more on how to grow a meaningful relationship, visit her website.