Worst Places To Meet For A First Date


Avoid meeting here for first dates at all cost.

As a matchmaker, it's my job to advise my clients on where to meet for a first date and where not to meet for a first date. The intention of this article is to steer you away from the worst places to meet for a first date. I advise you meet at the following places later on down the line but never for the first date:

Dinner- This may come as a suprise to most of you but going to dinner on a first date should be avoided at all cost. What if you two don't hit it off? You'll be stuck with this so and so for the rest of the night. Who wants to be eye to eye with someone they really don't like. Just meet for a quick lunch and if there's a connection you can meet for dinner next time. 

The Movies- Do not meet at the movies!! One more time.... Do not meet at the movies!! There is nothing more awkward then sitting in the dark with a stranger. Hmm? Maybe there is but you get the point :) The purpose of the date is to get to know the person your on the date with. You can't get to know someone with a giant screen and a noisy sound system.

Night Club- It may seem odd but some people think its a good idea to go to noisy club for a first date. I'm not talking about going to a dance club, that's an obvious no no. I'm talking about going to a jazz club, blues club, or any musical peformance for that matter. Don't get me wrong, these are very entertaining places to meet but they're one of the worst places to meet for a first date.

 A Play- A play falls in the movie category because your mind will be occupied with what's going in front of and not really paying attention to the person sitting next to you. Pick a spot where you can chat and really get to know each other. Save this one for later dates.

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Well that's it folks! I'm sure there's more awkward places to avoid for a first date like a rodeo or something like that.(hahaha) Now, have fun out there and happy dating!

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