7 Reasons Taylor Swift Types Get ALL The Guys

taylor swift
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Can you say "total package"?

As a matchmaker and dating coach, I'm constantly asked by women "what do men want"?

I certainly have an inside scoop, since I've interviewed literally thousands of single men over the last decade.

But in trying think of an example of a woman who embodies the the male ideals, it suddenly occurred to me (while driving ... with the radio blaring ... Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off") that, hey—Taylor Swift is a perfect example of all of the qualities men repeatedly tell me they adore and seek in a woman.

Taylor Swift?!! (Yes, Seriously.)

Think I'm crazy? Well, my best friend and hater-of-Taylor-Swift-music thinks so, too ... but hear me out. The truth is Taylor genuinely has the goods that guys go crazy for. And if you want to nab a high quality man, you'd be wise to follow her lead. Here's why:

Taylor has a beautiful smile ...

and she flashes it often, which makes her look approachable, happy, and like someone who is fun to be with. What man doesn't adore "the fun girl"?

Taylor loves her work.

She has a passion for music and she puts her heart and soul into it. Men often tell me that they'd like to be with a woman who is truly passionate about something, whether it's her work or volunteering at an animal shelter. It doesn't matter what, as long as she has interests of her own.

Taylor respects other's opinions, not just her own.

With her encouragement, fans feel inspired to share their opinions about her work (because their opinions truly matter to her). Taylor's even been known to invite her true-blue fans to her house to listen to her latest music to get their feedback on it before it's released. Oh, and she even bakes cookies for them! What guy wouldn't want cookies before a respectful sharing of opinions?

Taylor is gracious and poised.

When Kanye West jumped on stage in 2009 at the VMA Awards and grabbed the microphone out of her hand to shout about Beyonce's video, Taylor handled herself with grace, poise, and class. Men love a drama-free lady. p.s. Hey Kayne, you should take a lesson from Taylor on this one!

Taylor is genuinely caring.

She gives back to her fans (as in, actually buys them Christmas presents) and even visits sick kids at the hospital to cheer them up with a chat and a song. Aww, she's so nice. Men want a woman who puts effort into showing affection and appreciation.

Taylor is intelligent.

She writes her own lyrics, and even wrote a 350-page novel at the age of 12 while on vacation. She blows the "dumb blonde" myth out of the water! Quality guys love a woman who uses her noggin.

Taylor has that good girl look in a bad girl's tight little skirt.

She has a fresh face and sweet style, but combines it with some sex appeal. She isn't afraid to show off her amazing figure but does so without looking trashy. "A lady in the streets but a freak in the" ... well, you already know how men feel about that one.