10 Reasons To Date A Cougar


Confidence – She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to let you know. She means what she says and says what she means. She won’t freak out if she doesn’t hear from you for a few days.

Sex – She doesn’t get as emotionally attached as younger women do if she’s having sex with you. She has a high sex drive. She’s comfortable with her body. She knows what she’s doing. She will rock your world.

Money – She doesn’t need yours! She doesn’t care how much you make. She doesn’t care what your earning potential is. She doesn’t expect you to pay for everything.

No Drama - She won’t call/text you 20 times a day. She won’t have a temper tantrum or cry easily. She won’t ask: Why didn’t you call? Where were you? Where is this going?

Life Experience – She’s been around (in a good way) and is socially and sexually savvy. You will become a man and a better lover as a result of being with her.

More Interesting – She’s lived, traveled and experienced life. She has a lot to talk about. Conversation will never be dull.

No Pressure – She’s generally not interested in having children or getting married. She’s into having fun and going with the flow instead of trying to get a commitment.

Responsible – She is rarely flaky. She’s not into wasting her time or yours. She’s not into games. You can count on her to follow through and keep her word.

Understanding – She understands your need to win; your need to feel like a hero; your need to feel appreciated; your need to occasionally withdraw. She understands men.

Total package – She has her act together: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and sexually. She’s the total package.