4 Simple Ways You Can Be A Great First Date


Are you tired of making the same mistakes? Try these juicy tips.

The guy that you have been flirting with has finally asked you out on a date. Now comes the nerve-racking first date. We have so many fears about what to wear, how to act and how to make sure he is still interested by the end of the night. As women, we tend to over think and worry too much. So, here are a couple of pointers, woman to woman, to help you be a great first date.

1. Be Present When You Are With Him

We all have busy lives and plenty of distractions to keep us from being present with someone. On a first date, it is essential to not be thinking of everything else going on in your life. You agreed to go on this date, so be there and be engaged. Listen to what he is telling you and engage in conversation.

Do not be day dreaming about how attractive he is or worrying about what needs to be done for work. Being present will help you be a great first date because you are able to hold a conversation and understand what he is talking about. When you are present with him, it shows a genuine interest. In today's technology savvy age, be sure to keep that phone away! Nothing is more off-putting than having someone check their phone while you are having a conversation. You would not want him checking his phone, so do not do yourself. Remember, the key is to be present with him.

2. Make Him Feel Good

Now, that does not mean you have to agree to everything he says and does. Being overly agreeable will not make him feel good because it gives the feeling of uncaring or that you are not truly listening. To make him feel good you want to complement what is appropriate. Does he have an interest in movies or books that you have not seen or read? Complement him on his knowledge of those. Is he kind or compassionate? Is he driven and goal-oriented? Complement his traits. 

Avoid superficial complements. These may make him feel good, but not on a level that allows you to connect. Another way to make him feel good is to show a genuine interest in his career or hobbies. These might be something you have a passion for as well or you might be completely uninterested. Either way, you can show an interest in him by asking question to better understand his career path or his choice in hobbies. When you show a genuine interest in what he does, it will make him feel good and shows that you are present in the conversation. Remember, this is the chance to really get to know him.

3.Have Fun

Yes, we are all nervous on the first date.  Even when you've been friends for years, to take the next step and go on a date is nerve-racking. Do not worry, he is nervous too. However, have fun and be relaxed. Allow the true you to shine through. Let him see the spunky, flirty, genuine woman that you are.

Your true-self is what makes you different from every other girl in that room. Do not let nerves get the best of you and hide your individuality. If you crinkle your nose when you laugh, do not hide it. If you have a strong opinion, let him know. Enjoy your time and enjoy his company. You do not want to lose a great guy because you held back. Likewise, you do not want to stay with a guy who cannot accept the true you. Now, we are not encouraging you to jump on the table and sing "Bennie and the Jets" at the top of your lungs, but have fun and let to true you shine. 

4. Love Your Life

Be proud of your accomplishments. No one has ever lived your life. You have done things that no one else has. Loving your life and sharing your experiences makes you a great first date. He will be able to see your passion and engage with you. Your date wants to know you and the more you love your life, the more you can share will make you a fun and interesting date. Be confident. You have something to share that is unique and completely you. A man will see your confidence and want to connect more. When you love your life and are confident in your journey, you make a great date. 

Everyone has to have first dates — so drop the anxiety and the nerves. If it does not work out, remember every man is practice for the right one. One first date might be better than the last. Keep trying and keep being who you are. You will find the right man and have your last first date.

Juicy Tip: For your first date, you can attract your man by wearing pinks and reds in your clothes and make-up.  Pinks and reds add a sensual look to your outfit and stimulate the sex drive in men.  A little goes a long way with men.

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