5 Tips For A Totally NOT Awkward Date With The Guy You Met Online

first date

Hint: preparation is key.

Your first online date can be a nightmare if you don’t know what to expect. However, if you follow these guidelines and get ready before the event, it will help by eliminating many, if not all, the awkwardness that is normal for such an occasion.

1. The Place

For a first date with a person you’ve met online, it’s best you choose a place that is close to where you live. Naturally, you don’t want to invite a stranger into your home. Pick a spot that you’re familiar with just in case things don’t work out that well.

2. The Look

Smart casual is definitely advised for the first date with a guy from online because you can get away with it almost anywhere. No mater where you go, you won’t feel too under-dressed or over-dressed. It also allows you to make your date feel comfortable (and that kind of consideration goes a long way in impressing a person).

3. The Duration

Give yourself options for the first date (e.g. go out for a drink or two). An elaborate dinner doesn’t give you the opportunity to get away quickly if you need to. Besides, if it really goes well, those two drinks might turn into a three-course meal at a nice restaurant. (Hey, you never know!)

4. The Conversation

At this point, unless you’ve communicated extensively online, it’s better to stick with neutral topics (such as a recent vacation you’ve taken or one you plan to take in the near future). Stay away from religion, politics and the usual “first date taboo” topics. Keep it generic—even a common hobby can be a great ice-breaker. (And NEVER talk about your ugly separation from your Ex on the first date—it’s a guaranteed turn-off!)

5. The After-Effect

If you think it’s strange to talk about this before you go on the first date, think again. If you’re prepared, it will help you make a quick decision depending on how the night is going. To go or not to go on a second date? How will you react if the two of you hit it off? These are questions you'll want to be prepared to answer.

You can’t be prepared for everything, but the more you plan for this first date with a person you met online, the better your chances of a pleasant— and maybe even pleasurable!—evening. But don’t be too analytical about the whole thing. You don’t want to obsess about over or get too nervous about the date. Relax, understand the basics outlined above, go out and have a great time!