How to Attract Your Soulmate - For Real

How to Attract Your Soulmate - For Real
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Most singles have “the list” of the qualities they want in their future mate. Before I met my husband, I certainly did. That said, the real magic to “the list” is what you do with it once you’ve completed it. I always encourage people to think about the energy of the person they are looking for. A very common list of qualities might look like this:

* Spiritually grounded

* Physically active

* Financially stable

* Joyful

* Honest

* Good with kids You get the point. Here is the magic - it’s kind of an attraction slight of hand. Once you’ve made that list, stop looking for that person and start looking for that energy.

* How can you get more spiritual energy in your life?

* How can you bring in the energy of being active, healthy, and vibrant?

* Where can you connect with the energy of prosperity in your life?

* How can you experience more joy?

* How can you be more in alignment with the energy of honesty and clarity?

* How can you be having more fun with kids?

On a plain old common sense level, this approach works really, really well. When you start seeking out the energy of the person you hope to attract chances are that person is going to show up right there.

For example a recent client of mine we’ll call Kristi wanted someone who was good with kids. She met her current fiance at a park where she took her nephew to play. Mr. Right was there with his niece. Not too shocking. On an energetic level, this approach is like a laser.

Bottom line, you can only attract more of what you are. I recently read a quote that said life is not happening to you, it’s responding to you. When you are bringing into your life the energy of what you hope to attract, that attraction is simply inevitable. So, if you’re serious about attracting your beloved, make the list, check it twice, and then get to work - on the energy. You might just be surprised to see how quickly your beloved shows up. Chances are that person is just waiting for you to show up too.


Lisa Hayes C.Ht. is the Love Whisperer. She is a Law of Attraction Relationship Coach and author of The Passion Plan and Escape from Relationship Hell. She specializes in helping people get the love they want, no matter where they are in their lives. You can find her at her digit home, Get her free audio, How to Talk to a Man, HERE.