Why Valentine’s Day is the Best Holiday for Singles


Not kidding... it is BEST! Find out why...

I chose this profession because I love love. I love being in love, talking about love, and helping people find love. I believe wholeheartedly that love makes people the best that they can be, and that those who are in a connected, loving relationship are more productive, balanced and more capable of making the world a positive place. Love improves our health, helps us feel understood, enhances our mood, and provides us with shared experience.

That being said, if you are single this Valentine’s Day (the ultimate day to celebrate love), do not be discouraged! I promise you that Valentine’s Day is actually the best day of the year for singles to get out into the dating scene.

If you find yourself on your own this year come February 14th, this is what you need to remember: Do NOT stay home!

Let me tell you why…

Valentine’s Day is the best (and most obvious) day to look around and immediately know who is single and who is in a relationship. If someone is not clearly on a date on February 14th, you can bet that they are there single and ready to meet new people! This day is basically a free pass to know who is fair game. The chances of walking up to someone and them telling you that they are actually in a relationship are slim to none, so take advantage. 

Quick side note: If it looks like they are waiting for someone, you can ask if their Valentine's date is late.  This opens up a discussion about if they are single, and will save you from hitting on someone who has a date!

This year, treat Valentine’s Day like a singles celebration holiday. Grab some other single friends, or head to a bar or restaurant on your own, and see who you meet. You never know where love might be hiding, but one thing is for sure, you won’t find it sitting alone in your room!

Make sure to let me know any success stories that I can share! You can email me at lisa@matchmakinginstitute.com. Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!