Plan a "Play Date" With Your Partner

Break away from the typical date night and try a "play date" for a killer relationship boost.

Growing up doesn’t have to mean losing your inner child or playful spirit, although we can easily forget how to be carefree and fun-loving while carrying out the responsibilities of adulthood. Being playful with your partner can lead to a killer relationship boost. According to researchers at Penn State, playfulness may serve an evolutionary role in human mating by signaling certain positive qualities in prospective mates. The study’s results suggest playfulness may signify a nonaggressive male and a youthful female.

A childlike playfulness is not only attractive but may also help strengthen your relationship. Engaging in new experiences together will bring on a youthful, free-spirited mindset, leading to endless possibilities. The following are a few romantic “play date” ideas:

1. His Favorite Video Game

Try challenging him to his favorite video game and find sexy ways to distract him. Also, try to engage in flirtatious smack- talking to throw him off his game.

2. Go to an Event

Keep an eye out for upcoming events in your community. Try finding opportunities for affordable fun like food truck rallies, art shows and food and wine festivals. To keep it interesting, play a scavenger hunt to scope out the most outrageous people. Then, sneak off somewhere quiet for a heated make-out session away from the crowds.

3. Check Out the Local Music Scene

Take a look at local music listings for cheap or free shows in your area. Together you’ll discover new bands with a distinct local flare.

4. Mix up Your Typical Date Choice

Listen to your inner child by opting for a “play date” rather than the typical dinner and movie. Instead, try going for miniature golf, laser tag or the arcade for your next date. Playing and laughing together will build attraction between you and your partner, leading to more foreplay in the bedroom.

5. Get an Adrenaline Rush

Experience a rush you and your partner will never forget. Try firing a few rounds at a shooting or paintball range. For an extreme rush, plan a trip to go sky diving together. The energy will carry over into the bedroom, which will leave him feeling more daring and bold than ever.


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