5 Questions You Should Never Ask Women on First Dates

Are you having trouble receiving second dates? Here are five questions that you should be avoiding.

There is a certain kind of unspoken etiquette that should be remembered on your first date. There are always rules in life, and first dates are no exception.  So if you plan on having another date with the woman your are seeing, here are five questions to never ask on a first date.

1. A Kiss is Not Something You Ask For

Women shutter at this very question. That is, when a guy asks a girl if he could kiss her. If you are feeling a connection, simply go in for that kiss when the time comes.  If the date went well, this will come naturally, so there should be nothing to worry about.   Asking for a kiss is a big no no.


2. Never Ask Her To Pay For Dinner

Do we really need to even go there?  Its suprising how many men will ask for money on a first date.  If you asked her out, you pay the bill.  Period. Now, it should be said that most women are not after the money, but let us just stipulate something very natural and basic here. If a man does not buy the dinner, then this is a huge turn off. So, men, if you don't expect to cover the dinner, don't expect us to answer the phone for a second date.

3. Talking About Sex Explicity Is A Subject Matter That Should Never Come Up

Sex is a subject that simply should not come up in conversation. It is awkward and impolite. Furthermore, what is your ulterior motive for asking the question? There is a difference between flirting and becoming overly sexual with the conversation.

If you plan to kill the vibe and want to induce an awkward situation, then getting extremely sexual is the way to do it.


4. Don't Give The Invitation To Your House.

Guys, come on? Seriously? Let us just be concise here in saying that you should not be asking her to go back to your house on a first date. Be a gentlemen and take things slow.

5. Do Not Ask Her To Help Make Every Decision.

Take charge and make the decisions yourself.  Its okay to ask for some input.  But don't give all the power to your date.  Women like a man who knows how to plan and make decisions.

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