Late Bloomers Make Better Lovers (And Partners)

Love, Sex

I have always felt, intuitively that late bloomers tend to be better partners.

There are lists of questions I ask as a matchmaker. There are the boring questions such as “what do you do for a living” and “do you want children” to the deal breakers “do you smoke, drink, listen to country music” and then the fun questions. Fun questions are the topics you share with your girlfriends after two cosmos, though you’re sharing yours with a stranger in her matchmaking office all in the search for love. These are the stories that make YOU the perfect match – for someone! Sex is an important part of any relationship and I always get down and dirty during my interviews with potential clients.

A question that always gets raised eyebrows and usually a blush or two is “When did you lose your virginity?” I have always felt, intuitively that late bloomers tend to be better partners. It turns out this matchmaker had some science behind her! A scientific study done by Psychological scientist Paige Harden of the University of Texas at Austin recently proved I’m right! “…later sexual initiation was associated with significantly lower levels of relationship dissatisfaction in adulthood.” (full study here)  

The study points out that those who wait to partake in the carnal delights until after the age of 19 tend to bond deeper and with fewer partners and have longer, healthier and more satisfying relationships. Therefore I don’t match partners who have vastly different sexual histories as they almost always have vastly different relationship patterns. 

Reason late bloomers are better and happier in relationships could be the fact they are pickier in their choices of partners. When you’re very selective, your pool of partners of course is decreased, therefore lowering your ability to 1)have sex and 2) be in a relationship. When a choosy person does find a partner, the choice tends to be a good fit, not just a “any warm body will do” approach, which tends to make the relationship last longer and leave a happier imprint on the partners.

What do you think? Were you an early bloomer or right on time? Were you a late bloomer? Tell us!

Remember, this is only one matchmaker’s humble opinion and there is never a one size fits all approach to anything in life. Sex, love and relationships are always shades of grey.