3 Ways To Immediatly Improve Your High-Profile Relationship


When your life is about significance it’s difficult to have a happy marriage.

Why do so many high profile marriages fail and what you can do about it?

Your life is filled with trimmings of success. You have financial abundance, luxurious homes, motor yachts, jets and automobiles. You are surrounded by opulence and adorned in the latest styles in fashion. Your watch matters. Your life is "the dream."

You are also surrounded by people. Not all of whom have your best interest at heart and some of those are quite close to you. You know this is true, but you put up with it because it seems to come with the territory. 

Who can you really trust? Everyone has an angle, from the paparazzi camera lens to the people who make their living off of the brand YOU. You get a bit jaded from all the users.

Your life is focused on YOU, your social circles, events and the glamor of "lifestyle." It's intoxicating and exhausting. 

All of this has an impact on your relationship:

More than likely you chose a high profile partner because you want someone who can relate to your world. You also want to be loved for who you are, not because of any status you might have achieved.

You live in a world of significance; it's literally all about you. What you can do, what you can achieve, how great you can be. And you connected with another person whose life was all about them.

The self-focus that made you who you are can also make it difficult to want to give to the other person, particularly when you are used to being catered to.  

Whose needs are more important, yours or theirs?

Any relationship struggles revolve around this very issue of whose needs matter more. The disagreements center on who is more right, and who hasn't done what for whom.

You have achieved tremendous success. Now you simply need to add another element of what YOU can do.

3 Ways You Can Immediately Elevate Your Relationship:

1. Make The Relationship A Priority

Make the needs of your relationship at least as important as your own needs. This isn't always easy but it is essential to having a happy, deeply connected marriage. If you are in a relationship to get, you will be extremely unhappy.

You cannot get what you want in your relationship unless you are willing to give to your partner first. That simply takes a small amount of courage and you can do that easily.

2. Change Your Mindset

Get out of the right vs. wrong, and good vs. bad mentality. Ask yourself, "Is what I am doing helpful, supportive or beneficial to sustaining love and passion in my relationship?" If the answer is "no", why are you doing it?

3. Initiate Repair

In most marriages there are times when partners disappoint each other never realizing it. Imagine the fun if you apologized today! The greatest relationship difficulties can be overcome when one person decides to give first instead of waiting for their partner to change.

Don't wait for the other person because you are hurt, or bitter. Take responsibility for what you can do.

Why waste precious time being unhappy when there are things you can do right now, today, to change that. What we do and fail to do is always reflected in the outcome of our relationships.

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