How To Know When It's REALLY OK To Have Sex With Him

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When To Have Sex With A Guy Choices

It comes down to two choices.

It's a given that men want to have sex with you. The question is when you should.

If we accept the premise that no friendship builds beyond the first lay, and friendship is a cornerstone of a long-term relationship, we're left with the following two choices on knowing when to have sex with a guy:

1. Have sex right away and hope it works out. 


This is a shotgun type of approach where we get the intimacy we crave right away and avoid the anxiety of building a relationship, especially when there's a possibility that it will end before it even begins.

This works once in a while and increases your odds of more "dates" in the short-term. The problem is that all your "dates" also become short-term. Relationships are built before the first lay, not after it.

2. Wait till you know him better. 


To put it simply, you want a man who wants to be with you no matter what you're doing. I call it "filling in the other 23 hours".

A man falls in love by being with you. This happens over time in the course of many days and different situations until your lives fit together. This removes the awkwardness of waking up in the morning with someone you barely know and trying to put the pieces together.

Men are always way ahead of themselves. They think they're ready for sex just because they feel like it. When a man only does what he feels like doing it's rarely in your best interests.

Depending on your goals less can be more. The standards you set at the beginning leads to results you get in the end.

Whatever decision you choose to make when it comes to sex with a guy, do what feels good and right for you.

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