What He's REALLY Thinking If You Sleep With Him Immediately

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What He's Thinking When You Have Sex On The First Date

The chemistry might be great but that doesn't mean the feelings will last after you have sex.

There's no greater feeling than meeting a guy and feeling the kind of chemistry that make you want to tear your clothes off.

The body wants what the body wants and who doesn't want to feel good? It's exciting to ride the feeling.

The question is, are you looking to build something with the man you're dating or just hooking up? There's no right or wrong answer.

The difference is that, for a man, having sex with you right away will get in the way of him knowing you as a human being.


I appreciate your confidence in your body and know that men will push and beg for sex in the moment. The challenge is men will beg for sex on the first date, even if they know that they shouldn't. And when they get it before they know you, it keeps them from falling in love.

It's a simple equation. Anticipation outranks consummation.

Men fall in love with the vision they have for you. They fall in love with virtue. They know if they can have sex with you right away so can another guy. 

I encourage you to read to get more knowledge about men and also to know especially as a young woman how easy it is to get bonded by having sex with a guy you don't know as a human being.

With that said, I will leave you with this. The faster you have sex, the more you are distracted from the interest in the humanity of another human being.

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