How To Tell If You're Chakras Are Blocked (& What To Do About It)

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How To Unblock Your Chakra Points For Spiritual & Physical Healing
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If you struggle with physical illness or emotional unrest, then you may have a block in your chakras that's preventing you from being at your best and healthiest.

What are chakras? A chakra (pronounced as "chok-ras" or "shok-ras") is defined as one of seven "...various focal points in the subtle body used in a variety of ancient meditation practices."

Everyone has seven chakra points in their bodies, and these areas conduct spiritual energies throughout your physical and metaphysical being. When these become blocked, you require chakra healing in order to get physical or emotional healing.

Chakra balancing is an important part of your health, too. If you're tired of feeling sick or unwell, then opening your chakras may be just the revitalization you need.

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Here are 7 ways your chakras can become blocked, and how to unblock your chakras to help you feel healthy and whole again:

1. The root or "Earth" chakra

This chakra is located at the base of the spine. It focuses on foot, knee, leg, joint pain, bladder/intestinal conditions, sciatica, and low-back pain.

Fear and/or repressed anger can block your chi (life force energy) to and throughout your legs and constrict movement and elimination of toxins from your bodies.

Fear runs continually within your mind ... perhaps a looping program you've inherited from your parents. The best way to release yourself from fear is to be present.

As you become aware of spinning out into some dreaded future scenario, bring yourself back to this moment. As you become more mindful of where your head is at, you can see more choices to be at peace. Thoughts and emotions help shape your future, so why focus on what you don't want to happen?

Anger is a toxin that the body cannot eliminate without your cooperation! If you overreact to situations and people, you may be holding some long-term anger. Take the time to look at yourself.

Stability, security, and trust fortify this chakra.

2. The sacral or "water" chakra

If this chakra is blocked, you may have reproductive organ pain, endometriosis, infertility, and sexual disorders. This chakra is located just below the navel.

Guilt and shame can block the energy flow in this chakra. This chakra drives your creativity and sensuality.

Yet, you may have been led to believe that your sexual nature or sensuality is bad. Perhaps you were even told that you were dirty "down there."

You need to embrace and love your body unconditionally. Become child-like. Think of the toddler who moves forth discovering the world and his body with wonder and glee. See how your energy is not in alignment with this self-expression and exploration.

Release the guilt and shame. Because when they're present in adulthood, they only sabotage your wellness and joy. What if the guilt is tied to something you did that you see as unforgivable?

If you want to heal your body, you need to heal this judgment. Look at this younger self and realize the present you has more information! Have compassion. Ask that younger version of yourself to forgive you for the judgment and forgive them, too.

Move forward knowing mistakes shape us but they need not define us unless that's what you own.

3. The solar plexus or "fire" chakra

This focuses on stomach and digestive problems or eating disorders. This chakra is located mid-torso and is chakra is the center of your personal power.

Many people with stomach concerns feel disempowered, yet you're powerful co-creators of your life (as explained earlier with the thoughts, emotions, and focus that guide your physical body). You just have to be more aware of what you're creating!

The relationship between feeling powerless and stomach upsets is obvious with travel ... butterflies prior to flying or, for some, getting sick if not driving the car or riding in the front seat.

Empower yourself to heal by filling your solar plexus with a growing awareness that you are as powerful ... yet you may have been creating what you didn't want. Emotional and energy clearing assistance may be necessary.

If you see that you have given your power to another (parent, former lover, etc.), you can move forward by releasing all blame and visualizing the energy you surrendered to this other one coming back to your solar plexus through unconditional love and forgiveness.

Take a non-judgmental view of yourself. Look for ways you have claimed the victim role. You won't heal well when you're in that energy.

Give yourself permission to change your role and your story. You may be focusing on the things that are going wrong in your life rather than what is going right ... see that as self-sabotage.

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4. The heart or "air" chakra

This has to do with disorders like asthma, COPD, heart, and circulation issues, or even breast cancer.

The air chakra is located in the center of the upper chest, to the right your physical heart. The emotion and denser energy that can cause physical ailments here are grief and heartbreak.

You may have heart chakra block due to trauma from a long-standing belief that you're not worthy of love.

I assure you, you're special! If you weren't, you wouldn't be here. Your light and spark and zest are important for this world.

With the understanding that you're more than the body you occupy, open yourself to your internal self.

It's time for you to step more fully into who you are here to be on your own. Honor their transition and live fully! Use your heart, arteries, and veins as a pathway for love to heal your body.

Love runs to you and through you, if you let it! Be open to loving yourself.

5. The throat or "sound" chakra

Blocks here could cause thyroid problems, laryngitis, shoulder pain, and scoliosis, so it makes sense that this chakra is located in the throat. This chakra can get blocked by unspoken truths.

Were you raised with the concept, “Children are meant to be seen and not heard?" Perhaps you were told to hide abuse, and keep your mouth shut because your opinions didn't matter.

There can also be a feeling here that you have to be something you're not. Perhaps you carried a lot of responsibility from a very young age.

Eventually, using your voice will become more natural. Never hesitate to speak when you're coming from a space of love, compassion, and respect. Embrace your voice as part of your way to express joy.

6. The third eye or "light" chakra

Migraine headaches, vision problems, and ear problems (including tinnitus) are prevalent if your third eye chakra, which is located between the eyebrows, gets blocked.

Belief in illusions can shut down this chakra ... yet these “illusions” may be the opposite of what you’re thinking. Illusions are societal constructs and conditions placed upon you that cause you to live a "smaller" version of your true self.

You may even have expressed "knowing" as a child, but were told, "That's not real." This is the illusion that closes the third eye chakra.

Powerful tools for opening this chakra are awareness, intuition, imagination, and intention.

7. The crown or "star" chakra

This chakra is located above the head, and when blocked can cause depression, anxiety, brain fog, autoimmune disorders, or even chronic exhaustion.

This is your connection to your source or "creator." Separation and the belief that you are alone rather than part of a whole unified consciousness can block this chakra.

Yes, your natural state as is to have individual consciousness, but through meditation, yoga, mindfulness, you can connect with something greater.

If you believe you cannot do something, you will not. If you open yourself to your unlimited potential, you'll be amazed at what you accomplish

I hope you take the time to look within. This knowledge can help you get to a more empowered state and get your wellness and joy back on track!

You can change anything about yourself by making different choices.

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Kristi Borst is an integrative quantum healer and spiritual counselor. Her Perspective Reboot® messages and mind-body-spirit-emotions energy healing have been featured on Transformation Talk Radio and The Wellness Universe. Learn more about Kristi and in-person or distance healing at Healing Resonance online.