How To Open Your Heart Chakra & Why It's So Important

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There are seven chakras throughout your body. They are your body's aura and are energy centers that can be open and closed, and each sits in a specific place throughout your body.

One of them is the heart chakra, which starts in the center of your body through the chest and is responsible for moving love throughout your life, and allows you to be open or closed to love.

It's important to learn how to open your heart chakra so you can activate love manifesting in your soul, and loving someone can in fact make you happy and feel balanced with the rest of your chakras. 

When your heart chakra is closed, or blocked off, it could be because you are closed off to finding love because of a hurtful and messy breakup. It could also be because you haven’t cleared out the residue from a past relationship that you are still holding onto. 

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How do you tell if your heart chakra is blocked? 

There are specific symptoms that your heart chakra is closed or unbalanced. Those include feeling sad, lonely, shy, anxious, finding it hard to feel empathy and to forgive.

You’ll also notice if your heart chakra is blocked because instead of love, forgiveness, and compassion manifesting it’s anger, grief, jealousy, and hatred brewing inside you. 

Additional symptoms of a blocked heart chakra typically include dwelling on past relationships, holding onto grudges, having trust issues, keeping your emotions bottled up, and procrastinating love.

Whatever the reason for your blocked heart chakra, you should be aware of the symptoms and know how to heal your heart.

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How to open your heart chakra

There are different ways to help heal your heart chakra so your aura will be in equilibrium and your body and soul will be at peace. 

1. Meditation for the heart chakra

Through the use of guided meditation, you can balance your heart chakra by bringing awareness to yourself about personal, physical, and universal forms of love.

Find a form of meditation that works best towards what you feel is right for you.

2. Practice positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are always good to say to yourself whenever you are feeling unbalanced or blocked towards love and happiness.

They can increase the amount of positive energy you let into your body, and help get you closer to accepting yourself and develop a positive outlook for your love life in the future.

3. Sound therapy 

By listening to different frequencies and pitches in a sound therapy video or recording, you can bring balance and harmony to your mind, body, soul, and spirit.

The Solfeggio tones used centuries ago are typically used for this that are associated with different feelings. You can also listen to heart-opening sound baths, like the Tibetan bowl sound baths, and see if that works for you. 

4. Breathwork

The heart chakra is the element of air, so using breathwork can be an effective way to open back up your heart chakra.

An affective breathwork technique you can use is the Nadhi Sodhana nostril breathwork that works to balance your breathing and help you feel more relaxed.

5. Yoga heart-opening positions

Believe it or not, yoga can actually help with opening back up your heart chakra as you open your body to movement and flexibility.

There are actually seven different heart-opening positions that you can try that are used to open your heart chakra. Those include the half camel pose, wheel pose, bridge pose, warrior 1 pose, upward facing dog pose, reverse plank pose, and bow pose. 

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