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Understanding Your Root Chakra: A Complete Guide To Activating & Balancing Your First Chakra

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What is the first chakra? Do you have an imbalanced first or root chakra? Or do you have an underactive or overactive root chakra?

What does this all mean?

What exactly is the first or the root chakra?

The root chakra is your foundation located at the base of your body. Its Sanskrit name is muladhara, which translates to "foundation." The color associated with it is red.

Located at the perineum (the base of your body), it is the foundational chakra and therefore crucially important as a platform for the rest of the chakras.

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Working with chakras always begins with the root chakra.

Studying chakras is an in-depth subject and the journey of chakras always begins with the first or root chakra.

The root chakra is related to the earth element, which includes all things earthly, such as our bodies, survival, our ability to manifest, and our ability to feel safe in the world.

What does the first chakra represent?

This is your "tribal" connection. The root chakra is about having a sense of belonging in the world or in your life. It’s about having a community that you can relate to where you feel support and experience a sense of belonging.

Whether that’s your family or some other group, it’s very important to have that connection in order to have a healthy root chakra.

Your root chakra is about feeling safe, grounded, and rooted.

When your root chakra is blocked or imbalanced...

Someone who's always moving, traveling, or frequently looking for a new place to live — unless they're an extremely grounded person — may have a hard time establishing a healthy root chakra.

Your first chakra superpower is acceptance; accepting everything and everyone as they are.

If you have a blocked or imbalanced root chakra, you may feel like you don't have a place to call home. You may feel unsettled and scattered.

You might have feelings of superiority that cause you to exclude others and carry prejudice.

Imbalanced root chakra behaviors include greed, hoarding, being ungrounded, a fear of death, and stinginess.

When your root chakra is healthy and balanced...

But when you're well connected to your root chakra, you have a sense of belonging. You feel grounded, secure, and stable.

You also have the ability to bond and create a meaningful connection with another. You're loyal to yourself and others.

So, what lesson can you learn from the first or root chakra?

We are all connected. We need each other, and we are all one.

The first chakra, when balanced and open, lets you know that you're safe and you're not alone.

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Healing and grounding your root chakra.

There's a great exercise you can try if you’re feeling fearful, scattered, or too mentally active (stuck in your head, ruminating). You’ll experience a beautiful root chakra opening with this exercise.

If you want to ground your root chakra, the first step is to feel your feet!

Sit in a comfortable position, either in a chair or on the ground. The best location would be outside, sitting directly on the earth.

If you’re sitting in a chair, start by feeling your feet on the ground.

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Whether you’re in a chair, on the ground, or directly on the earth, begin to feel the bottom of your body.

Feel that part of your body that's in contact with the chair, floor, or earth.

Breathe into that connection and be aware of your tailbone, your anus, and your perineum. Breathe into them.

Imagine a chord coming from your root chakra down deep into Mother Earth.

Imagine that this cord you’re sending down is a deep, beautiful red color. Let it reach as far down as you can imagine.

Breathe that chord from the bottom of your body deep into the earth. Take time to feel your connection to the earth. Stay in this awareness for as long as you would like.

Then, once you feel you've established that connection to the earth and to the bottom of your body, you can begin your affirmations that are related to the positive expression of your first chakra:

"I am safe."

"I am stable."

"I belong."

"I accept myself and others."

Repeat one or all of these affirmations and let them move through you.

Feel the vibration of the words and their effect on you. You can put your hands on your heart and send heart energy down into your root chakra, as long as you can keep your attention at the base of your body.

Imagine your heart energy flowing down into your root, magnifying the feelings of being grounded and feeling safe.

Then, breathe Mother Earth and her powerful energy up into your first chakra. Let that earth energy come into your pelvic bowl, healing, grounding, strengthening you, and filling you with vitality.

Allow your whole pelvic bowl to open and receive as you relax your pelvic bowl.

Bask in the feeling of the root chakra resonance that you have created and self-reflect.

How is your first chakra expressing itself in your day to day life?

Do you feel safe in the world?

Do you accept yourself and others?

Do you understand that you are not alone and that we are all in this thing called life together?

What does your root chakra want to teach you?

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Anna-Thea is an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. She educates people on how to claim their bodies as sacred. If you’d like to open and balance your chakras, check out her Guided Chakra Meditation for beginners.

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